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How to Decorate a Yacht with Clocks

Sticky post

Decorating a yacht can be as simple or complicated as you make it. But really, it isn’t much different than decorating your home — with one key divergence. Your yacht interior design should reflect your personal taste and be a… Continue Reading →

Timeless Décor: Incorporating Our Luxury Clocks into Your Home

Timeless Décor: Incorporating Chelsea Clock Company’s Elegance into Your Home Chelsea Clock handcrafted timepieces are designed to add a sense of splendor wherever you put them. However, while our beautiful clocks are impressive almost anywhere you put them, some places… Continue Reading →

Bridging Generations with Heirlooms from Chelsea Clock

Chelsea Clock Company: Bridging Generations with Lasting Craftsmanship There are few heirlooms as elegant and beautiful as Chelsea Clock masterpieces. Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock timepieces have become a favored gift of business, political and military leaders around the world…. Continue Reading →

The Perfect Chelsea Clock Retirement Gifts

Honoring Timeless Dedication: Why a Genuine Chelsea Clock Makes the Perfect Retirement Gift A retirement gift should be one of the most meaningful gifts you can ever give. After all, it is a celebration of a person’s dedication and service,… Continue Reading →

Nautical Masterpieces: Chelsea Clock’s Maritime Clocks

Nautical Masterpieces: Chelsea Clock Company’s Influence on Maritime Timekeeping Many considerations that go into making a clock able to keep time while out at sea. Clocks have to be built much tougher compared to a comfortable home or office, and… Continue Reading →

Timeless Elegance: Chelsea Clock’s Legacy of Vintage Clocks

Timeless Elegance: Exploring Chelsea Clock Company’s Legacy of Luxury What makes a luxury timepiece? Is it the way it looks? The way the clock keeps track of time? The unique features, or the timeless quality that allows it to be… Continue Reading →

An interview with the man who owns more than 100 rare antique Chelsea Clocks.

Photo credit: Charlie Dunne Meet Bill Sohne, Bill Sohne has always been a collector. As a kid he collected comic books, movie posters and stamps, and mechanical devices that fascinated him long before he had the means to collect the… Continue Reading →

How Do You Wind Up a Mantel Clock?

How Do You Wind a Mantel Clock? Many timepieces in the Chelsea mantel clock collection have a mechanical movement. This clock technology dates back to about 1300, giving these clocks a truly nostalgic feeling that is still appreciated among those… Continue Reading →

Tips for Selecting and Repairing Antique Clocks

There are many reasons to own an antique clock. Whether it’s to add an extra sense of respectability to a living space or to have an heirloom to pass down to your family, antique clocks remain beloved for many reasons…. Continue Reading →

Trust Our Expert Clock Makers to Repair Your Luxury Ship’s Bell Clock

Timepieces are an elegant yet practical addition to any home or office you place them in, but they aren’t just restricted to land. For hundreds of years, clocks have been incorporated into boats, yachts and other ships to help sailors… Continue Reading →

Three Reasons Why Chelsea Clocks are Great Luxury Gifts

Why a Chelsea Clock Makes the Perfect Luxury Gift No matter what occasion you’re buying for, buying a gift can be hard. It’s even harder when you want to buy something that shows your appreciation but doesn’t come off as… Continue Reading →

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