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How to Decorate a Yacht with Clocks

Sticky post

Decorating a yacht can be as simple or complicated as you make it. But really, it isn’t much different than decorating your home — with one key divergence. Your yacht interior design should reflect your personal taste and be a… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Women’s Timepieces She’ll Love

On Mother’s Day, we honor and show appreciation for the maternal figures who have enriched our lives. We celebrate their dedication to family, their generosity of spirit and their unwavering love and support. We also pay tribute to the exceptional… Continue Reading →

How to Read a Tide Clock

What is a Tide Clock? A tide clock, which is both a useful navigational instrument and an attractive piece of art, is as the name suggests: a clock that keeps tracks of the ocean’s tides. If you’re using a tide… Continue Reading →

Law School Graduation Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a graduation gift for a recent law school grad that will endure, Chelsea Clock, with more than 120 years of horological experience, can assist. A present from Chelsea Clock is a great way to mark a… Continue Reading →

Yacht Interior Design Tips 2021: Ship’s Clocks

When it comes to yacht interior design, boat owners need to balance limited space (even on luxury vessels) with functionality while creating an appropriate design aesthetic that matches the décor of the rest of the yacht. Enhance Existing Yacht Décor… Continue Reading →

Antique-Style Naval Clocks

If you or a loved one is a mariner at heart, the timepieces in our line of antique naval clock styles, which speak to Chelsea Clock’s hundred-plus years of nautical horological expertise, make excellent presents. You can give a naval… Continue Reading →

Work Desk Clock-Based Adornments

Time is fleeting. Even so, Chelsea Clock has helped people keep track of time with our collection of smart and sophisticated heritage clocks since 1897. Apart from letting you know when it’s time for lunch, when you have to head into that afternoon meeting or when to return home after… Continue Reading →

The Best Desk Clock Styles for 2021

Best Desk Clock Styles for 2021 Chelsea Clock is America’s foremost clockmaker. We’ve been building tasteful mechanical and quartz custom clocks since way back in the day (since 1897, in fact) for American presidents, dignitaries and other people of note…. Continue Reading →

Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor on a Budget

Time- and Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor Ideas on a Budget If you want to decorate your living room, but you need to adhere to a modest budget, you’ll find plenty of options are available to you. Chelsea Clock can help… Continue Reading →

Chime in a New Year: The Best Wall Clocks 2021

Bring in the New Year with the Best Wall Clocks This last year has been a formidable one. Regardless of how you feel about the year past, a new year can be source of inspiration and hope, uplifting the human… Continue Reading →

The Best Gifts for Husbands on Valentine’s Day

Cupid, with his bow and quiver, hits his mark with precision when he wants to foster love. And just like this mischievous little cherub archer, who takes pride in his aim, Chelsea Clock’s skilled artisans take great pride in the… Continue Reading →

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