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How to Decorate a Yacht with Clocks

Sticky post

Decorating a yacht can be as simple or complicated as you make it. But really, it isn’t much different than decorating your home — with one key divergence. Your yacht interior design should reflect your personal taste and be a… Continue Reading →

How to Clean an Antique Clock Case

Antique clocks are a sought-after crown jewel clock enthusiasts and fans of traditional décor. These elegant mechanical clocks, pendulum clock and early quartz clocks will look impressive in any home. Proper care for old clocks is important. They are valuable… Continue Reading →

How Do You Wind Up a Mantel Clock?

How Do You Wind a Mantel Clock? Many timepieces in the Chelsea mantel clock collection have a mechanical movement. This clock technology dates back to 1300 and is still popular among those who prefer vintage timekeeping. Mechanical mantel clocks need… Continue Reading →

Home Wall Décor Ideas – Home Décor Wall Clock Ideas

Top Ideas for Filling Your Blank Wall at Home When moving into or redecorating a home, there are certain things each room needs. For example, you know that the living room will need a couch, a coffee table and a… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Clock Best Luxury Mantel Clocks in 2020

Best Mantel Clocks in 2020 A fireplace mantel is an exceptional place to display clocks, photographs, figurines and other meaningful décor. Mantel clocks were first developed in the 1750s and have long been a way to complete the look of… Continue Reading →

Wall Clock Size Guide: What Size Do I Need?

Wall Clock Size Guide: What Size Do I Need? Adding a wall clock to your home or office isn’t as simple as just picking one that looks nice. Clocks that are exquisite by themselves may look like a small dot… Continue Reading →

A Chelsea clock is a wonderful addition to any home or office and now it’s more affordable than ever to own a fine clock or give a luxurious gift. With special direct-from-factory prices online for some of the most beautiful,… Continue Reading →

How to Fix and Maintain a Chelsea Clock

While more intricate or complex clock repairs and restorations jobs should be left in the capable hands of a professional clockmaker, there are a few smaller maintenance tasks you can perform at home to keep your mechanical clock in stellar… Continue Reading →

How To Re-Silver A Clock Dial

              When you come across some antique or vintage clocks, you may notice that the original solid brass faces were engraved, then hand silvered. While of a cosmetic nature (and not mechanical), the overall… Continue Reading →

How to Set A Barometer (and other FAQs)

What is a Barometer?  Barometers are used by scientists, fishermen, boaters and other weather watchers to monitor changes in atmospheric pressure — i.e. the “weight” of the air. Typically, a change in air pressure signals that the weather is about to… Continue Reading →

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