Desktop Clocks

      Introduce quality time to every work day with a handsome desktop clock. Styles and finishes for every taste and décor.

      Few objects can bring a feeling of prestige, elegance and nostalgia to a home or office the way a classic clock can. Whether you need a small paperweight clock or something larger to display the time, a beautiful handmade clock is a wonderful way to add something special to an otherwise ordinary room. If you're looking to purchase a new, heirloom-quality desktop clock, then you'll want to browse our selection of clocks for desktops here at Chelsea Clock.

      Quality Clocks Since 1897

      Chelsea Clock is one of the premier brands of American clock manufacturing. Since 1897, Chelsea Clock has grown from our beginnings as Boston Clock into the world-renowned clock manufacturer we're known as today.

      Our clocks, including our clocks for desktops, have been given as gifts by U.S. military leaders and presidents, and they continue to be a favorite gift for business leaders and politicians around the world. Known for their reliability and beautiful, classic appearance, our clocks have even been a staple in everything from naval ships to Rolls Royce automobiles over the years.

      Chelsea Clocks: Desktop Clocks That Make a Statement

      For distinctive timepieces that are built to invoke the past while lasting for years to come, browse the wide selection of desktop clocks available at Chelsea Clock. Simply visit an individual clock's product page to learn more about it, including what engraving and customization options are available; depending on the item, we can add custom messages, logos and more to your Chelsea clock.