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      Unique tide instruments designed to complement the Chelsea Clock and Barometer collections.


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      If you're a serious seafarer, you need to know exactly what the water level is doing. Marine tide instruments from Chelsea Clock provide the precision tide-reading accuracy you need in a sophisticated, durable design. These specially designed clocks let you know when local seas and oceans are at high, middle and low tide. With a marine tide clock, you can also track the amount of time until the tide reaches its peak or valley.

      Professional captains and passionate amateur sailors alike know that understanding tide flow is important for navigation. This knowledge helps you maximize your sailing speed and avoid beaching your vessel, while also helping you determine the perfect time to launch your boat or retire after a day of adventuring. Fishermen love them too, so they know when and where their favorite game fish are biting.

      Our tide clocks complement the marine clocks we're famous for to give you a complete nautical collection for every voyage. Stay right on top of every tide change and weather pattern using the finest products of their kind.

      Precision Tide Gauges

      We have an assortment of tide clocks for sale that are finely handcrafted in the U.S. An antique-inspired tide clock such as the Patriot Deck Tide-Time Clock has both a 12-hour time and a tide display on the dial. You can track time and see whether you're at high, mid or low tide, all with one easy-to-read wall tide clock.

      If you want a modern look that has the same sophistication and accuracy as our vintage-style pieces, order the Carbon Fiber Tide Instrument in Nickel. The dial design is part of a complete series that includes a matching clock and barometer.

      How to Read a Tide Clock

      There are several display options available when purchasing a tide clock. Traditional tide instruments count the hours between peak tides with the same precision as a Chelsea clock. You can also get a tide and time clock - like the Patriot Deck clock noted above - which combines the traditional tide clock dial with a minute hand so you can monitor the exact time of day while you're exploring the seas. These Patriot tide-time clocks have both regular 12-hour time and tide time on a single display. Each is based on the "lunar day" that controls the tide cycles around the globe.

      The Patriot Deck Tide Instrument, meanwhile, counts up and down in three-hour increments. Both the Polaris Tide Gauge and Carbon Fiber tide reader, on the other hand, count down between high and low tides with an elegant watch styling that is truly timeless.

      All Chelsea tide clocks are calibrated at the factory for reading East Coast semi-daily tide patterns. However, if you live on the West Coast or an area with a single daily tide cycle (such as the Gulf of Mexico), you can reset the gauge using our blog post on How to Set a Tide Clock. On average, a marine tide clock needs to be reset every four months to account for the variances in tide flows as the seasons change.

      The Best Tidings on Any Voyage

      Get a tidal clock or gauge that you can count on by shopping with Chelsea Clock. These instruments are made of the finest durable materials such as solid brass, carbon fiber and phenolic resin. If you truly want an all-in-one solution, the Master Weather Station includes a clock, tide gauge and barometer in a single wall-mount display.

      Our tide instruments have been trusted by the U.S. Navy and many other sailors and adventurers, and they're sure to be an important part of your next voyage too. Chelsea Clock offers free shipping and generous warranties, as well as repair services if needed. We do our very best to restore the appearance and function of the clocks and barometers we work on while retaining as much of the original piece as possible, and we can work on both Chelsea clocks and clocks from many other brands. Contact us today if you have any questions about our repair services.

      The Best Tide Clock Gifts

      Consider Chelsea Clock's engraving services when you're looking for a tide clock. Add a personalized message to your tide instrument, giving it a unique touch for your home, office or boat or transforming it into a personalized gift for someone else. Check for what engraving services are available with your preferred tide instrument when you order. Personalized tide clocks can make wonderful gifts to celebrate retirements, special accomplishments, birthdays and more.

      For over 100 years, Chelsea Clock has remained one of the premier manufacturers of handcrafted clocks, barometers and tide instruments. Our reliable timepieces have even been incorporated into U.S. Navy ships, thanks to their military-level precision - the ultimate testament to their reliability. Find a gorgeous and long-lasting tide instrument at Chelsea Clock today.