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      Chelsea Clock official key for the Ship's Bell and Ship Strike Collections.


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      There are many reasons to love mechanical clocks, but you do need the right tools to maintain them. One important tool is the winding key, which is the best way to wind up your clock every week. Trying to wind your clock with another object instead could damage your clock. Do you need a replacement winding key? Then browse our official Chelsea Clock Winding Key Collection.

      Ship's Bell and Shipstrike Clock Winding Keys

      These winding keys are designed for the Chelsea Clock Ship's Bell and Shipstrike clock collections. Select the key that matches your clock, whether it's the Ship's Bell key in brass or nickel for your Ship's Bell or the Shipstrike key in polished steel for your Shipstrike clock. Whichever key you need, each one will make winding easy and help prevent damage to your clock casing or parts from improper clock winding.

      Chelsea Clock: Handcrafted Clocks and Expert Repair Services

      Need to replace other Chelsea Clock parts, or need to repair existing damage to your beloved timepiece? Learn more about Chelsea Clock's renowned repair and restoration services. Our experienced clockmakers will do everything they can to repair or restore your clock so it can continue to serve as a treasured timepiece in your home for many years to come.

      Contact us today if you have any questions about our clock keys or the clocks themselves. We'll help you find the perfect elegant timepiece to add to your collection here at Chelsea Clock.