"Timeless Gifts: Choosing the Perfect Chelsea Clock for Special Occasions"

A clock is a fitting gift for a special moment and a special someone. Handcrafted Chelsea luxury clocks are made to last a lifetime, offering lasting value and joy for the recipient. Of the many clock models we make right in the U.S., we have chosen five of our favorite clocks for special occasions. Each can be custom-engraved to make your gift even more memorable.

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Corporate Milestones: Ship's Bell Clock, from $2,850

Our patented Ship's Bell Nautical Clock is a magnificent way to celebrate executive promotions, surpassing sales targets or closing big deals - especially if the recipient is a seafarer at heart. Since 1900, this mechanical clock has been crafted the same way, demonstrating the timelessness of your organization. The rich chimes of the mariner watch code complement the magnificent brass case and hand-silvered dial. You can get this clock in multiple sizes with a brass or nickel finish and an optional base.

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Retirement: Constitution Clock, from $525

Someone who's put in a lifetime of work deserves a magnificent clock to send them into their next chapter. The Constitution Mantel Clock, named for the first ship the U.S. Navy ever commissioned, takes the foundational style of the Ship's Bell and adds a stepped ball pedestal base and modern quartz movement. There are no mariner chimes because, in retirement, a person doesn't need to constantly be reminded of time's passing. Choose from a hand-lacquered brass finish or modern nickel plating.

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Weddings and Anniversaries: Athena Clock, from $725

The Athena Arto Deco Clock is inspired by a 1930s clock design that remains stylish and beautiful today - a perfect metaphor for newlyweds. This elegant desk clock has a nickel-plated stepped base that makes the timepiece reach for the stars, and the individual steps are stronger together, just like the happy couple. It's available with a bold black or sleek white dial to match the sensibilities of the bride and groom. With this centerpiece, you can celebrate their special day or another year together.

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Graduation: Square Desk Alarm Clock, from $375

When someone has completed 12 years, 16 years or even more of schooling, it deserves a special gift. Our Square Alarm Clock blends sophistication, contemporary style and practicality for a meaningful gift graduates can use to stay on schedule as they enter the working world. There's even a "Zulu hand" to set to the time zone of a loved one or a soon-to-be-important client. The Square Alarm Desk Clock is offered in classic bronze with a white dial or modern nickel with a black dial.

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Holidays: Chatham Clock, from $500

The dramatic styling of the Chatham Desk Clock is ideal for the holiday season. When someone unwraps this clock from its blue presentation box, they'll experience a childlike wonder. It has vintage Roman numerals with a silvered dial that glitters against the brass case - which swivels on the two-pole stand for an added touch. Whether on the subtle mahogany base or glistening marble stone base, it will be a centerpiece long after the holidays are over.