Engraving Plates


      Add a personal touch to any gift with an elegant, finely engraved plate.


      Clock Engraving Plates

      Give a timepiece a personal touch by fitting it with an elegant clock engraving plate. Chelsea Clock is known for its world-class engraving services that add names, messages, logos and more to high-end timepieces. With flat and curved plate options, including brass and nickel engraving plates, you can find the perfect plate to enhance the beauty of your timepiece by shopping at Chelsea Clock.

      While many people think of large grandfather clocks when they think about classic and beloved vintage clocks, many heirloom clocks are smaller and have limited space for personalization. This is especially true for mounted clocks, which have even more limited space on the case where the engraving can be seen. Fortunately, our engraving plates can be affixed to a wooden base or plaque, giving them a beautiful surface for customization. Installation is easy, so you can have these engraving plates secured to your timepiece in no time.

      The plates you see here are designed to pair with a Chelsea Clock mount or plaque for a refined, heirloom-quality clock customized to your tastes. They also fit similar clock bases from other manufacturers for creating a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece.

      Custom Plates for Chelsea Timepieces

      We offer many types of clock plates to make personalized gifts for any occasion. Our online store is where to buy a base or plaque engraving plate for curved and flat surfaces alike. The curved plate is shaped for the bottom edges of traditional clock bases and their elegant slopes. Brass curved engraving plates for clocks are available in two sizes: one for 4.5- and 6-inch bases and one for 8.5-inch bases. The smaller size is also offered with nickel plating if you prefer a modern custom accent.

      Chelsea Clock carries multiple flat engraving plates, too. The 1-inch by 3-inch plate is ideal for engraved brass plaques where you need maximum space for words or monograms. A ½-inch by 3.5-inch plate fits our contemporary base and any other flat mounting surface. All rectangular plates can be ordered in brass or nickel finishes.

      Personalized Gifts with Style

      A custom engraving plate is all you need to transform a clock into something truly special for birthdays, weddings, business milestones, graduations and more. We'll even add the engraved message for you, so all you need to do is attach it to the clock mount. Want to celebrate your company, or show off your pride in another organization you're part of? Your engraving doesn't have to be a message, as we also offer logo engraving services.

      For over 100 years, Chelsea Clock has worked hard to maintain our reputation as a company that not only makes beautiful clocks, but offers friendly and helpful information and advice to all our customers. Contact us during business hours so our clock experts can assist you with your questions.

      Whether it's for yourself or to add a special touch to someone else's clock that you're giving as a gift, check out our engraving services today. We look forward to helping you with your engraving needs, or helping you find a beloved timepiece when you browse our large inventory of heirloom-worthy clocks here at Chelsea Clock.