How Chelsea Clock Became the Mantel Clock Repair Expert

Luxury mantel clocks are cherished for many reasons. They make for great heirlooms, a family treasure that can be passed down from generation to generation. They are a stunning gift for politicians and business leaders, expressing your respect and esteem with an equally practical and sophisticated timepiece. But who do you turn to in the modern age where phones have replaced the traditional mantel clock?

We here at Chelsea Clock remain one of the top companies worldwide for luxury, vintage and antique mantel clock restoration. Want to learn more about how we gained this reputation? Interested in our clock repair services and interested in finding out what we can do to restore your treasured timepiece? Learn why Chelsea Clock is respected as the mantel clock repair experts.

A History of Handcrafted Mantel Timepieces

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock has remained one of the largest and most well-respected clock manufacturers in the world since our humble beginnings in Massachusetts. The reliability of our handcrafted mantel clocks have been incorporated into Rolls-Royce automobiles, naval ships used in World War II and other wars, and even in aircraft and presidential offices.

Chelsea Clock timepieces are designed to last, elegant in design while keeping a steady track of time for decades to come. When you make something right in the first place, it's much easier to repair and restore later on when something occasionally does break down.

Master Clockmakers with Decades of Practical Experience

We here at Chelsea Clock believe that experience truly makes the difference. Just like a clock that becomes more valuable with time, we continue to work with clockmakers who have honed their craft over the years. In fact, our clockmakers have over 70 years of collective experience in repairing timepieces. Learn more about our master clockmakers here.

Our skills aren't just limited to Chelsea Clock timepieces, either. We can claim the title of mantel clock experts because of all the brands that we service. To see the full list of non-Chelsea clocks that we have experience in repairing, please visit this page here or contact us to ask if we're able to service your particular clock brand.

Full-Service Means Maintenance, Repair and Restoration

When we repair mantel clocks, we don't simply fix the problem and send it back. We believe in doing our best to clean, restore and address present problems while doing what we can to prevent additional issues from developing in the future. As you can see from our example pictures, you can make antique mantel clocks shine like they used to while still maintaining their vintage look.

A few of the repair and restoration services you can expect when you send your clock to us include:

  • Full-service clock repair
  • Routine clock maintenance
  • Cleaning, oiling and regulating
  • Case refinishing
  • Antique clock restoration

Get a Free Estimate for Your Mantel Clock from Chelsea Clock

Interested in getting your mantel clock repaired but aren't sure if you can afford it right now? You can reach out to us and get a free estimate with no obligation for the repair work. Fill out our contact form and attach pictures for a simple estimate, or send your clock in with a repair request for an exact estimate.

All of our repair and restoration services come with a two-year full-service warranty. We stand by our work and hope we can do our best to help you enjoy your mantel clock for years to come when you get it serviced by our master clockmakers here at Chelsea Clock