Timeless Décor: Incorporating Chelsea Clock Company’s Elegance into Your Home

Chelsea Clock handcrafted timepieces are designed to add a sense of splendor wherever you put them. However, while our beautiful clocks are impressive almost anywhere you put them, some places are better than others.

Need help incorporating a Chelsea Clock timepiece into your home? Here are a few decorating tips to help you find the perfect position for your Chelsea Clock timepiece:

Tip #1: Consider the Type of Chelsea Clock Timepiece


Chelsea Clock timepieces come in many types and categories. This includes timepieces designed for your mantel, on your desk, on the wall or even clocks meant for use at sea. Some of these clocks will overlap. When decorating, first consider the type of timepiece you have for help figuring out where it should go., or learn more by reading our article on clock decorating ideas by clock type.

Tip #2: Be Visible, not Gaudy

Chelsea Clock luxury clocks are naturally beautiful, so it isn’t surprising that they tend to draw attention when someone enters a room. We suggest putting your clock in a place where they can be easily seen, but without being obnoxious. This might include a back wall in the room or a table away from the entryway. If you wish to be tactful, we generally suggest that your Chelsea Clock should not be the first thing a person sees upon entering a room.

Tip #3: Be Respectful to Your Timepiece and Guests

Most rooms can benefit from a Chelsea Clock timepiece, but not all of them. In general, you’ll want to consider whether the room you’re decorating benefits from an added sense of luxury and elegance. Living rooms, bedrooms and offices are all great fits for a magnificent clock. Home gyms, child playrooms and bathrooms typically aren’t great matches.

Consider the type of room you’re decorating before adding a Chelsea Clock, or learn how Chelsea Clock timepieces can add to your room’s theme.

Tip #4: Color Matters

There are several different ways you can approach color when decorating. Do you want a timepiece that stands out against the background or wallpaper? Or do you want a slight contrast that helps it blend in? You can’t change the color of your Chelsea Clock timepiece after purchase, and we do not recommend painting over it just to try and make it fit.

Carefully consider the color your clock needs to be before purchasing for the best decoration fit. Learn more by reading our article on home wall decorating ideas with Chelsea Clock.

Tip #5: Make Cleaning and Maintenance Easy

Our final major tip is to place your timepiece somewhere easily accessible for cleaning. While Chelsea Clock timepieces require little maintenance, regularly dusting them can go a long way in preserving their appearance. At least once every couple of weeks, make sure to wipe down your luxury clock.

By doing so, you can not only better maintain the casing, but you’ll notice any problems with it more quickly. We offer two-year warranties on all purchases, and the sooner you notice a problem the easier it typically is for our repair and restoration service to fix your clock.

We hope this guide helped you determine where you should decorate your home with Chelsea Clock luxury timepieces. Learn more about ship decoration and other Chelsea Clock facts by visiting our blog, or shop best-selling clocks today from Chelsea Clock, America’s Premier Clockmaker Since 1897.