Antique Clock Repair, Restoration and Refurbishing Services

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock has established itself as one of the oldest and largest American clock manufacturers.

Not only do we have experience in creating heirloom clocks, but our team of specialists can also fix or restore your clock. Our master clockmakers offer antique clock repair and restoration services for Chelsea clocks – and many other fine brands .

Over the years, Chelsea’s master clockmakers have returned thousands of aged and damaged timepieces to their original brilliance. Our in-house staff stands ready to evaluate your antique clock and perform any of the following clock restoration and refinishing services:

  • Remove old lacquer; polish, buff and apply new seals
  • Refinish tarnished brass; restore or re-plate nickel, chrome, gold or bronze finishes
  • Re-silver dial; refinish hands
  • Refinish and restore wood base
  • Reverse paint on glass; install custom glass

Some of the many fine pieces our master clockmakers have restored:

1926 Ship’s Bell Mechanical Clock

1930s Manhattan Barometer

1940s Mechanical Deck Clock

Request a free estimate, with no obligation; simply complete a clock repair and restoration service form and ship it with your clock to our facility. If you have a question you would like answered before you send your timepiece to us, contact our team. Please be sure to include photos of your timepiece if that would help us answer your question.

For clock restoration and repair work you can trust, take advantage of our antique clock repair team’s years of experience by reaching out to us at Chelsea Clock.