Mantel Clocks

      Finely crafted mantel clocks, boasting brilliant brass and nickel finishes, add a touch of classic beauty to any home or office.


      The mantel is one of the most sophisticated places in any home or office. A handcrafted brass mantel clock from the Chelsea Clock Company will add even more charm. Mantel clocks have long been one of the most popular timepieces sold. They are ornate items that enhance the décor yet are affordable for many people due to their smaller size. We’ve designed these clocks to be stylish and durable so they can be passed down through generations like other timeless heirlooms. Complement your home’s decorative theme or give a memorable gift to a friend from the best selection of brass mantel clocks.

      Our master clockmakers have put all their craftsmanship and care into every Chelsea clock for more than 120 years. We offer a variety of mantel clocks based on designs that go back to the company’s early years. These forged brass timepieces are mounted on a traditional carved wood base with a black, cherry, or mahogany finish that contrasts the brass or nickel case finish.

      Should you prefer a more contemporary look, modern shelf clocks have a stepped base and nickel-plated finish that always shines. A nautical mantel clock looks great inside a sea-themed home or a boat’s cabin. Other choices include black dial clocks, mantle clocks with chimes, Roman numeral clocks and 12/24 military timepieces.

      Time-tested design and precision engineering are the hallmarks of these Chelsea clocks. We use mechanical or German quartz movements that are finely tuned for accuracy. The forged solid brass cases are strong, keep the clocks stable and give them a unique sound. Our products have generous warranties, and should the time come for repairs, trust the world-class services of a full clock repair and restoration shop. There’s a luxury mantel clock for every budget with free shipping on all orders. Call or email us to receive exemplary customer service from America’s premier clockmaker since 1897.