Wall Clocks


      The wall clock is a lasting standard of home décor. No matter where you live or what you’re doing, you always need a way to tell time. Chelsea Clock wall clocks are a truly sophisticated addition to your home or office to meet this essential need. Every luxury clock we sell is handcrafted from the finest materials just as they have been since 1897. There are many sizes and styles to choose from, so whether you want to give yourself the gift of time or grant it to a dear friend or colleague, there’s a Chelsea clock that meets your standards.

      Chelsea Clock has the finest mechanical wall clocks and quartz clocks for sale that will impress anyone who enters a room. Our mechanical wall clocks contain a wound spring that releases energy to regulate the dial while our quartz wall clocks are powered by a battery. Both of our handcrafted clock styles offer precision movement that’s specially engineered for accuracy.

      Our forged solid brass clocks are polished to a shine and can be passed down for generations. We also offer nickel clocks and carbon fiber clocks as well as clocks that are mounted on wall plaques for added grandeur.

      For those always in the seafaring mood, our nautical wall clocks are a natural choice. The Patriot Deck Clock collection is based on the WWII-era engine room clocks still used in many U.S. Navy ships. We have traditional Patriot wall clocks along with the colors series. The Ship’s Bell and Shipstrike clock series have chimes based on the classic sailor’s schedule and are tough enough to hang in your vessel. Our nautical flag clocks and barometer/clock combos are other upscale ways to keep time.

      Add the rich heritage of Chelsea Clock to your home or office by getting an individually-numbered wall clock today. We offer free shipping and a two-year warranty on all our handmade timepieces. Many clocks can be engraved with a custom message for an even more personal touch. Select a product or call our Massachusetts headquarters to learn more.