Chelsea Clock Company repairs all products at its headquarters in Chelsea Massachusetts. Chelsea Clock has no other authorized repair facilities. It is recommended that all Chelsea products and other repairs be sent to our factory for service.Click here to submit a Service Request Form.

Yes, as the largest clock repair facility in the United States, we proudly service a wide variety of well-known brands. Clocks are examined by our onsite technicians in order to determine whether they can be repaired, at which time a free estimate will be provided.

We do not currently sell clock parts, however from time to time may have limited parts available for vintage or current pieces. Please contact our repair department for more information.

Chelsea Clock technicians will occasionally make house calls for large or heavy clocks that are difficult to send in for service. Determination will be made upon request depending on the type of service needed as well as location. Additional service fees may apply.

Once the protective lacquer coating has been damaged, worn, or has been removed, the brass will tarnish. It must be refinished to bring back the original bright luster and then re-lacquered to prevent tarnish. No cleaner or polish will improve the condition. Refinishing is available at our repair facility.

Depending on the environment and care given, it is recommended that mechanical clocks be tuned up and serviced approximately every 7 years.

Repairs can take as little as 2-3 weeks or sometimes several months, depending on the complexity of the clock and service required. A more accurate estimate will be provided upon examination.

Please take extra care to double-box the clock to avoid damage while in transit. Be sure to include a completed Service Request Form containing contact information as well as a description of the repair or service work you would like performed. Shipping is recommended via UPS (or preferred carrier) along with declared insurance on your item.

All clocks are finely regulated when they leave our factory. However, environmental conditions, age, and other factors can minutely affect their accuracy over time. It is expected that a mechanical clock may have a time rate variance of +/- 60 seconds per week, however this variance can compound and increase over time. For instructions on how to compensate for a time gain or loss, please consult with your owner’s manual.

No, it is not possible to over wind your Ship’s Bell or Shipstrike Clock. An under wound clock will sometimes have an inconsistent chime or may not keep accurate time. When it comes time to wind the clock, be sure to wind both keyholes (clock mainspring and strike mechanism) completely each time (turn the key until you can not turn it any further).

More than likely this is caused by not fully winding the clock. To resolve the issue, wind both the clock mainspring (right keyhole) and the strike mechanism (left keyhole) fully. Next, turn the minute hand clockwise to the correct time, stopping at each hour and half-hour point to allow the bells to strike their full count. The hour hand should never be moved manually; all adjustments should be made by moving the minute hand.

If you are not going to be with the clock for over 1 week, be sure to fully wind both keyholes on the clock. Then insert the black tube into the winding arbor in the front of the clock (provided with the clock’s original packaging). This will ensure that the clock does not wind down completely.

Instructions for Mechanical Ship’s Bell and Shipstrike Clocks:

Fall: Move the minute hand forward to the correct hour. Never move the hand backwards. If the clock is striking, ensure the strike has completed before adjusting the hands.

Spring: Move the minute hand forward one hour, stopping at the hour and half hour to allow the bells to chime completely.

Instructions for Shipstrike Quartz Clock:

The hands can only be moved forward to adjust the time, as moving them backwards will cause damage to the movement. Be sure to stop at the hour and half hour to allow the bells chime completely when resetting the time.