Certificates of Origin


If you want to confirm that a Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock is the genuine article, the experts at Chelsea Clock can assist with clock serial number identification and provide a Certificate of Origin. The handcrafted Ship’s Bell Clock is made to last for decades, so it is not unusual for the clock to outlast its original owner. In fact, a Chelsea clock is often handed down through generations, and the inheritor may be curious about the clock’s history. Or, a collector of antiques may come across a Chelsea at an auction and be anxious to determine its age to estimate its value*.

Chelsea Clock offers a Certificate of Origin for any Ship’s Bell Clock or Marine Mechanical Clock ever produced by the company. The certificate reveals the date the clock was made and to whom it was first issued, as well as the name of the clock. Each certificate is embossed with a Chelsea stamp of approval and is hand-signed by J.K. Nicholas, the Chelsea Clock president and CEO.

The clock serial and images (front and back showing the serial number) are required for verification. When you send the Chelsea clock serial number, we can look it up in our official logbooks. For a small fee, you will receive official confirmation of its age, making the clock an even more treasured member of your collection.

Chelsea Clock Serial Number Look-Up

Dating back to 1900, Chelsea kept detailed records of every mechanical clock ever produced by the company. Each clock is individually numbered and then registered before leaving the factory. The model numbers are stored within a library of logbooks, which include not only when the clock was made and to whom it was sold, but also holds records of any service work we may have performed on the timepiece. This unchanged, century-old process is an example of how Chelsea Clock has been able to guarantee consistent quality and service for over 100 years.

For more information on obtaining a Certificate of Origin, please send a description of your clock along with its serial number to certificates@chelseaclock.com.

*Note: Chelsea Clock does not provide clock appraisal services.