What to look for in a clock repair shop

Antique and vintage clocks are precious things, and in an era where clockmaking becomes a rarer and rarer skill, it can be difficult to find someone capable of repairing and restoring your precious timepiece. However, modern innovations also make it easier than ever to connect with expert clockmakers. With global shipping, you can send your clock to get fixed by experienced crafters from around the world. Need help determining who you should trust your clock to for repairs? We here at Chelsea Clock have been making and repairing clocks since 1897, and we have earned a wealth of knowledge about clock repair work along the way. Here are a few things we recommend keeping an eye out for in a trusted clock repair shop:

#1: Experience and Longevity The people who founded a company are rarely the same people who are still running it decades later. However, they've likely trained the clockmakers who have succeeded them and have also passed down their notes, tools and expertise to the next generation. Clock repair shops that have a history of making and repairing clocks will have an edge over newer businesses, especially when servicing antique clocks. More established brands also have another edge over newer repair stores: reviews. Now more than ever, it's easy to see what others have said about their services. Make sure to check out the reviews and what others are saying about a particular clock repair shop before sending your timepiece in for service. #2: Types of Service What kind of clock do you need to get serviced? How old is the clock, and where was it originally manufactured? What kind of parts do you need, and are you looking to get simple maintenance done or a full-blown restoration? Is it a standard clock, or does it include a barometer, a chime or something else that distinguishes it? Different clock repair shops offer different services, and depending on your type of clock, you have a clock repair shop may or may not be able to provide the service you need. When looking for someone to repair your clock, make sure you provide a detailed description so you can find out ahead of time if they're able to repair and restore your precious timepiece.

#3: Price and Estimates Have you ever taken something in for repairs, only to have your stuff held hostage as the repair person quotes you a higher price than what you expected? The difference between the average store and a true professional repair shop comes down to estimates. For example, we here at Chelsea Clock offer free, no-obligation estimates for our work. We believe in performing a full inspection before we do any work that we charge for, ensuring fairness with the customer when it comes to what they pay. If possible, choose repair shops that provide similar estimates to ensure you receive a repair job that you won't be overcharged for.

Get your Clock Repaired at Chelsea Clock We hope that our guide helped you narrow down your search. For the reasons above, we also hope that you will consider sending your clock to us if it needs repairs. Since our founding in 1897, we have remained one of the most respected and accomplished clock manufacturers in the United States. We believe in repair work that lasts, which is why we offer two-year full warranty coverage for our parts and repair services. Whether you need regular maintenance or a full antique restoration, we look forward to fixing your beloved timepiece. Contact us today if you have any questions and be sure to check out our latest inventory of luxury clocks available Chelsea Clock.