Timeless Elegance in Corporate Gifting: Why Chelsea Clock Makes the Perfect Choice

Timeless Elegance in Corporate Gifting: Why Chelsea Clock Makes the Perfect Choice

Finding the right gift for a loved one is difficult, so finding the right gift in the corporate world is downright near impossible. Many business leaders resort to simple but forgettable gifts, such as collectible ties or golf balls, or give gifts that expire quickly, such as food or new technology. But what about a gift that is meaningful, personal and ultimately designed to last?

Chelsea Gift is the ultimate corporate gift. Since our founding in 1897, Chelsea Clock has grown to be one of the world’s oldest, largest and most well-respected clock makers. We are the preferred gift for many business, military and political leaders. In fact, multiple Presidents of the United States have given and received the gift of a Chelsea Clock.

Learn all the reasons why Chelsea Clock makes an elegant and timeless corporate gift:

Handcrafted Luxury Clocks

In a world where mass production is the norm, handcrafted gifts are some of the most special you can give in the corporate world. At Chelsea Clock, we employ master clockmakers with years of experience to handcraft our luxury timepieces.

Many important parts to the design process make our premium timepieces so brilliant. This includes forging the heavy solid brass into a casing, hand lacquering the case for enhanced corrosion resistance, spinning dial wheels and installing every gear, pinion and bearing. It is an intricate but rewarding process, which you can learn more about by reading our Chelsea Clock Manufacturing Process.

Classic Designs, Modern Timekeeping

Chelsea Clock has been around for over a hundred years, and in that time we have produced thousands upon thousands of clocks. However, while we still sell clocks featuring many of our classic designs, including our WWII-style Patriot clock collection, we’ve made sure to modernize our timepieces with the latest clock innovations.

While we still have some mechanical clocks that need weekly tuning, many of our luxury clocks feature quartz movement for more accurate timekeeping and less overall maintenance. We only choose the best metals when creating our clocks, and even use computer-aided designs to create perfect parts that meet our exact specifications. Above all, we care about quality at Chelsea Clock.

True Clock Variety

Along with elegance and beauty, we emphasize variety in our collection here at Chelsea Clock. Along with our top recommended business gift clocks, we have clocks in many other styles and perfect for different types of rooms. We even have timepieces that are the perfect gift for service members, featuring logos celebrating their time in US military branches.

Our timepiece collection includes desktop clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks and even nautical clocks. Did you know that Chelsea Clock also produces other instruments like tide clocks and barometers? Browse our bestselling clocks today and start getting ideas on what you should choose as your next corporate gift.

Personalized Messages and Logos

One of the reasons why Chelsea Clock is the go-to business gift is because of our world-class engraving services. For many of our luxury timepieces, you will be able to add a short engraved message or logo to the dial, casing or attached plaque. Add a few lines thanking those who have aided your company, or engrave your company logo to remind the recipient of their time with your business.

A few other occasions to consider engraving your Chelsea Clock timepiece include:

  • Business Gifts
  • Client Thank-You Gifts
  • Employee Recognition Awards
  • Welcome Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Commemorative Gifts
  • Team Celebration Gifts

Review our Corporate Gift Etiquette Guide to learn more about when and how to give the perfect corporate gift.

Repairs and Restorations You Can Trust

Nothing is worse than giving a gift that unexpectedly breaks. We take away that stress by providing a two-year warranty covering defects in the material and workmanship for at least two years from the date of the original purchase. What if something else goes wrong that isn’t covered by our warranty?

The same expert clockmakers who design our timepieces are here to repair and restore them. Whether you have a recently made timepiece, a vintage clock or even a Chelsea Clock antique, our clockmakers will do their best to restore appearance and function while maintaining as much of the original timepiece as possible.

Our repair and restoration services include:

  • Full-service clock repair
  • Routine clock maintenance
  • Cleaning, oiling and regulating
  • Case refinishing
  • Antique clock restoration

Have questions about potential repair or want a no-obligation estimate? You can either take some photos and send an online form for a simple estimate, or fill out a repair form and send your timepiece to us for a deeper examination. As part of our satisfaction promise, we also provide an additional two-year warranty on our repair work following the completion of our repair and restoration service.

Order Your Corporate Gift Today From Chelsea Clock

Competition is fierce in the corporate world, and it can be difficult to stand out from your peers. With Chelsea Clock, you can at least provide one unforgettable gift experience to business associates, retiring employees and friends of your company. Our clocks are enjoyed by people of all ages and are truly timeless gifts that will never go out of style.

Contact us today to learn more about our timepieces, or to ask any questions you have as you search for the perfect corporate gift. We look forward to helping you provide a distinguished and unforgettable gift when you give someone a timepiece from Chelsea Clock.