Why an authentic Chelsea clock is the perfect nautical gift

Sailors can be a tricky lot to shop for. They have exacting standards and tastes, and a gift that doesn't meet those demands will quickly end up by the wayside.

One sure thing when it comes to maritime gifts is a Chelsea Clock. These timekeepers have long been trusted by people who would rather be on water than land - though they are excellent for landlubbers, too. This holiday season, along with birthdays and other occasions, remember why a Chelsea Clock nautical gift is perfect for mariners.

Chelsea Clocks are Durable

At Chelsea Clock, we use the finest materials and craftsmanship to make our clocks. Most chronometers have a solid forged brass case and internal parts that never rust, even when exposed to the toughest saltwater. The one exception is the Patriot collection, which instead uses heat-resistant phenolic resin, which is just as rustproof. These clocks are designed to be passed down for generations of maritime enthusiasts - and many of them have, as you can see from our vintage and antique clocks.

Chelsea Clocks are Stylish

As America's premier clockmaker since 1897, we are known for sophisticated, elegant clocks that have a timeless quality. They will instantly add luxury to any boat, home or office. Some of them even offer reminders of the sea. Our Cable Paperweight Clock is shaped like a ship's helm with a stainless steel cable. The Clock and Barometer sets are a styling and functional set that would make an amazing gift for anyone who has spent time aboard a ship or enjoys yachting.

Chelsea Clocks are Reliable

Although digital devices and instruments are excellent, you can't always rely on them to work. Even the best phone batteries run dry after a few days - and if someone is in the middle of the ocean or lives in a remote area, they might not get internet and satellite signals. An analog Chelsea Clock will be there for seafarers when they need it. Ship's Bell clocks are mechanical hand-wound clocks that don't require any power source. Our other timepieces use batteries that typically last six to twelve months.

Chelsea Clocks are Trusted by the U.S. Navy

There's no fleet matching the maritime capabilities of the U.S. Navy - and they have chosen Chelsea Clock for over a century. The Navy started ordering nautical clocks from us in the early 1900s, and other branches of the military and U.S. government soon followed. The Patriot Deck Clock is based on our World War II engine room clocks, many of which are still used to this day. If a Chelsea Clock is good enough for the U.S. Navy, it will certainly be good enough for a private vessel.

Find the Best Nautical Gift

Browse our collection of nautical clock gifts to find a chronometer that will delight aquatic-minded people. From the classic Ship's Bell to the Constitution Clock, Radio Room Clock and other models, we have a quality piece that's handcrafted in Chelsea, Massachusetts. We also offer world-class customization services to make your gift extra special.