Why Chelsea Clock are the Antique Clock Repair Experts

Antique clocks are special for many reasons. Each vintage piece has a truly unique history behind it, from the hands that first made the clock to the many hands they've passed through over the generations. There aren't many objects that deserve to be called heirlooms, but antique clocks are certainly deserving of the title.

Unfortunately, time affects all things, including vintage clocks. Even the best made clock in the world will wear down with use, and while you can take steps to preserve your antique clock, you will need to get it repaired eventually. Fortunately, our clockmakers here at Chelsea Clock are experts at repairing and restoring clocks, including traditional pieces.

Want to know why we're considered experts in the field of antique clock repair? Here are three reasons why you can trust us to restore your vintage clock:

Reason #1: Restoring While Preserving

Antique clocks are prized because of the many parts and frameworks that continue to keep track of the time even after decades of use. At Chelsea Clock, we believe the best approach to antique clock restoration is to preserve as much of the original clock as possible while restoring function to your precious timepiece.

Sometimes, parts will have to be replaced. Even so, we do our very best to replace old parts that no longer work with close approximations. That way, you can preserve the stately look of your vintage clock and continue to enjoy how it keeps track of time. Reason #2: A History of Clockmaking

Chelsea Clock is a great antique clock repair company because we make antique clocks. Founded in 1897, we have been one of the premier clock brands in the United States and have since grown to become one of the elite timepiece makers worldwide. Presidents, business leaders and those who have served in the military have enjoyed our clocks as gifts, mantelpieces and even as chronometers that tell the time on naval ships and aircraft.

We've kept records of all of the handcrafted clocks we've made over the years, allowing our team of clockmakers to call upon decades of notes and experience to repair antique clocks.

Reason #3: Full Service and Maintenance

Whether you need a minor repair or a full-blown antique restoration, our team of clockmakers are capable of fixing vintage mechanical and striking clocks, along with newer quartz clocks as well. A few of the repair and restoration services we provide include:

  • Routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Full-service repairs
  • Oiling and regulating
  • Case finishing
  • Aesthetic restoration

Get a Free Antique Repair Estimate from Chelsea Clock

Are you interested in our antique clock repair services but not sure about the time and cost it will take? We are pleased to provide a no-obligation, free estimate when you contact us here at Chelsea Clock. You can fill out our online contact form for a simple estimate, or get a more detailed breakdown if you send your clock in with a repair form. We'll do our best to discuss repair options so we can find a price and deadline you're satisfied with for our repair work.

Start a family tradition, impress an esteemed coworker or add an atmosphere of elegance to your home with a vintage clock. Get your timepiece repaired today, or browse our inventory to add an antique clock to your home by shopping with Chelsea Clock.