Vintage and Antique Clocks

      Featuring some of the most rare vintage and antique clocks ever produced by Chelsea Clock Company. Restored by some of the finest clock makers in the world.


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      Chelsea Clock has been in the business of making beloved timepieces since 1897. Over the past century, our clocks have been incorporated into cars, ships and airplanes. Chelsea clocks have even been given as gifts by business leaders and politicians, including past presidents of the United States. Due to their prestige and popularity, many clocks made by our company have become valued vintage and antique clocks over time.

      Are you hoping to add an authentic vintage or antique Chelsea clock to your home or office? Buy them straight from the source when you shop our Vintage Chelsea Clock Collection. This collection features some of the rarest and oldest clocks we've ever made, restored to their original glory through the expert work of our master clockmakers.

      Antique Ship Clocks and More

      Here at Chelsea Clock, we take restoration work very seriously. We perform full-service repairs, including cleaning, oiling and refinishing to restore antique clocks while preserving as much of the original clock as possible. Here you'll find everything from antique ship clocks like our signature Ship's Bell clock to World War II-era Marine Mechanical clocks and more. Our selection of vintage Chelsea clocks is always changing, so check back often.

      Chelsea Clocks: Quality Clocks Since 1897

      Chelsea Clock has remained a premier clock manufacturer for over 100 years for many good reasons. Find out for yourself why our clocks are so cherished by adding a vintage or antique clock to your collection from Chelsea Clock.

      If you would like to learn more about our repair and restoration services, please read more about our services or contact us today.