Limited Edition Clocks

      Made in rare quantities each Limited Edition Clock is individually numbered & registered in our log book making these pieces the perfect addition to any collection. 


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      Just like a collection of coins, stamps, cars or vinyl records, a hard-to-find showpiece can make a clock collection truly stand out. Serious timepiece collectors will find the rare clocks they've been looking for at Chelsea Clock. Our limited-edition custom clocks are beautifully crafted and finished by hand just as all of our timepieces have been since 1897. These particular clocks are designed to celebrate certain people and occasions or to offer a more upscale take on a popular style. We also sometimes bring back clock models that were produced many years ago for a limited run.

      Whether you're starting a new clock collection or already have a noteworthy display, there's a clock here that will make others take notice with its elegant style. They are made in small quantities and each clock is individually numbered and registered. Since there is only a small amount of each, our selection of limited-edition clocks is always changing. That means you should check back often to see if an antique ship clock, modern luxury clock or commemorative clock has been added that's perfect for your home.

      Rare Handcrafted Clocks

      At Chelsea Clock, you'll find something that will quickly become the focal point of your clock collection, such as vintage mantel clocks, a unique nautical clock or something to hang on the wall. We're confident these clocks will stay in your family and be talked about for generations. An antique brass clock is a fine way to tell time, and a limited-edition brass clock will stand out in your home. Most of these luxurious timepieces have a forged brass case and hand-finished base that look stunning on a desk. Sea-lovers and navy veterans will love our rare nautical clocks that use our trademark Ship's Bell chimes to signal time's passage.

      Although the exact selection can vary, there are certain designs and themes that have become a staple of our limited-edition luxury clocks. A wood-carved clock, such as our American Eagle clocks that pay tribute to the enduring spirit, is an artistic addition to a room. The famed Mariner nautical clock was first introduced in 1911 and is still something we produce more than a century later. This rare desk clock patterned after early yacht wheels may also be available as a wall clock.

      Clocks That Last a Lifetime

      All limited-edition Chelsea Clocks, from antique mantel clocks to contemporary wall clocks, are handcrafted using the finest materials. This high quality is why they are so often passed down through generations and also helps give them their distinct aesthetic and sound. We use precision mechanical or quartz movements for the most accurate time. Many of these clocks are made-to-order and can be engraved with names and messages.

      A rare clock is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. They also are excellent executive gifts and retirement gifts as a sign of someone's value to an organization. Giving them to yourself is just as special! We offer generous five-year warranties on most limited-edition clocks, and should your clock need repair, our master clockmakers will restore its grandeur.

      Shop at with free shipping on all orders or use our retail locator to find stores that sell many other unique rare timepieces beyond what you see here. You can learn more about these limited-edition clocks in the Chelsea Clock blog that also has many fascinating stories about fellow clock collectors and the history of clocks.