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      Since the first patented Ship’s Bell Clocks left our factory in 1900, it has been held as the standard by which all other Chelsea clocks are measured.

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      Incomparable Timepiece: The Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock

      The Chelsea Clock Ship's Bell clock is among the most distinguished timepieces available. We patented the first Ship's Bell in our factory in 1900, and it has since been held as the standard by which all other Chelsea clocks are measured. For well over a century, our Ship's Bell clocks have been cherished and revered by the world's top clockmakers and collectors. Our ship clocks are especially beloved by boat and yacht owners who need a high-quality nautical clock for their voyages. Browse our collection of Ship's Bell ship clocks and barometers in this collection.

      Precision-Made Ship's Bell Clock

      This gorgeous time-teller is exceptional in many ways. It's most notable for the signature chimes that have been used for years by seafarers, as well as its classic 4L mechanical movement and individually handcrafted construction. Each one of our Ship's Bell clocks is painstakingly crafted over four weeks to create truly beautiful timepieces, using over 7 pounds of solid brass, 290 unique parts and the patented 11-jewel movement. The solid-forged brass cases and hand-lacquered finishes delight aesthetics-focused collectors, while the clock movement is highly regarded and very reliable on land and at sea.

      In addition, the Chelsea Ship's Bell clock features a notable chime coordinated with a mariner's bell code for keeping watch at sea. The chime allows you to determine what time it is even when you can't see your clock. The same sequence that's been used for hundreds of years to tell time on the water can also be used to track your busy schedule while adding an air of sophistication to a room.

      Trade or Buy Ship's Bell Clocks

      Chelsea Clock is the best place to find these authentic, historic ship clocks for sale to add to your collection or to surprise your favorite clock collector. We produce exclusive Ship's Bell clocks in a variety of finishes and configurations to enchant clock enthusiasts. They're offered in 4.5-inch, 6-inch and 8.5-inch dial diameters that make an increasingly big statement. While all Ship's Bell nautical clocks have a hand-forged brass case, we can add a nickel-plated finishing if you prefer a modern touch.

      The Ship's Bell clock is available as a wall or mantel clock. Our luxury wall clocks can be purchased on their own as a refined timepiece or mounted on a mahogany wall plaque. Chelsea Clock Ship's Bell mantel clocks are set in a hand-carved base. You can choose between traditional and contemporary styling with a mahogany, cherry or black finish.

      We also produce a small number of Ship's Bell barometers which are of interest to many collectors and seafarers. These nautical instruments have been used for centuries to track short-term local weather outlooks. Order them as standalone pieces, or consider our Ship's Bell and Barometer Set for a combination that offers accurate nautical information and exquisite beauty as you navigate the seas.

      Custom Luxury Clocks

      With our master craftsmanship and generous warranties, Ship's Bell ship clocks are made to last for generations. All clocks and barometers seen here can be custom engraved with a name, date or message if you need an elegant gift for a retirement, special achievement or other celebration. Chelsea Clock also offers the Ship's Bell Trade-In Program that allows you trade in and save on the purchase of a new Ship's Bell clock, so you can always have the latest masterpiece on your wall, mantel or desk.

      Since our founding in 1897, Chelsea Clock has become one of the premier American brands for beautiful, reliable and long-lasting clocks. Over the years, our clocks have become a favorite for politicians, business leaders and others who want to give a practical yet beautiful and meaningful gift. Our clocks have even been featured as a mainstay on U.S. Navy ships.

      With a ship clock made by Chelsea Clock, you can track the time with ease and grace on and off the water. Contact us today if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you find an heirloom ship clock to add to your collection.