"Masterpieces for the Mantel: Showcasing Chelsea Clock's Mantel Clock Collection"

As a feature that naturally draws attention, the fireplace mantel is one of the best places to display items that convey beauty and meaning. This can include an exquisite mirror, small plants, family photos - and, of course, an alluring clock. Traditionally, mantel clocks were a status symbol for the owner, and they remain a way to illustrate one's decorative style, taste and fashion.

Sophisticated mantel clocks offer a fine accent with accurate timekeeping to be the highlight of your space. Here are some of our favorite luxury mantel clocks that you might consider for elevating a living room or den.

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Ship's Bell Clock on Traditional Base

Seafarers at heart and anyone who appreciates enduring designs will enjoy a mantel edition of our flagship timepiece. The Ship's Bell Clock can be mounted on a traditional hardwood base, letting the gentle mariner watch code chimes emit from the room's focal point. With mahogany or hardwood bases and a brass or nickel finish, there are many ways to experience the Ship's Bell charm. You can pair it with a barometer as well for a mini weather station that has your living room feeling like a captain's quarters.

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Patriot Deck Clock and Base

Do you love the look of our reproduction WWII engine room clock and want it to be more front and center? Our 8.5" Patriot Deck Clock and Base again takes one of Chelsea Clock's most beloved wall clocks and turns it into an impressive mantel timepiece. It complements utilitarian and industrial styles and can even be used with contemporary décor. The clock is available with a white or black dial, and bases are sold separately for six-inch Patriot clocks if you have a smaller mantel.

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Presidential Clock in Brass

Every U.S. President since Harry Truman has owned at least one Chelsea clock. With the Presidential Mantel Clock, you can grace your fireplace with a clock in tribute to men such as Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan. The forged brass case, hand-silvered 4.5-inch dial, black Roman numerals and magnificent mahogany base offer a stately timelessness befitting the Oval Office. It also features a German-engineered quartz movement that ensures accuracy so your abode is always on schedule.

Those are just a handful of the remarkable luxury mantel clocks we offer. There's also the modern Athena clock, the aristocratic 19th-century Embassy clock, the dramatic Chatham clock and many others - all of which are available with world-class custom engraving to make a mantel clock a gift that lasts a lifetime.