Brass Clocks

      If you’re looking for gorgeous brass antique clocks, look no further. We have the best selection of brass desktop clocks online, from the classic brass Ship’s Bell Clock to the perfectly sized brass desktop clock. Treat yourself, or give a gift that will last a lifetime. Personalization available on many brass clocks.


      Are you looking for a timeless clock - the kind that can add a sense of decorum and respectability to any room? Find a stately brass mantel clock, desk clock or wall clock in this selection of luxury brass clocks here at Chelsea Clock.

      Brass gifts are one of the most exquisite gifts you can give. This metal is gorgeous to look at while being durable enough to last a lifetime, and to pass down for generations to come. Every clock in this collection has a forged solid brass case that's been polished to a shine. With a little upkeep, you or a loved one or colleague can experience the beauty and accuracy of a Chelsea clock for many years.

      Distinctive Brass Table Clocks, Desk Clocks and Wall Clocks

      We offer more than 20 unique brass clocks in different sizes, shapes and designs for discerning timepiece enthusiasts. A brass desk clock in an antique style is the perfect way to add sophistication to your workspace. Clocks such as the Ship's Bell clock, Square Desk Alarm clock and stunning Cable Paperweight clock in brass have the classic styling to lend a more refined elegance to any home or office space.

      One special clock in our brass collection you'll be sure to love is the Chatham Brass Clock on a Black Marble Base. The brass contrasts beautifully with the black finish, and features precision movements track precious time accurately. Wherever you place it, it will sure to be draw eyes, even when you don't need to check the time.

      Should you prefer a more contemporary timepiece, consider the Dartmouth or Duxbury desk clock that has a clean and simple appearance. Whatever you choose, all of our brass clocks add a truly stately air wherever you place them. That is why Chelsea clocks have been favorite go-to gifts for politicians, business leaders and other individuals of renown since Chelsea Clock's founding in 1897.

      Own a handcrafted brass clock that will become a family heirloom by shopping at Chelsea Clock. Each clock contains solid forged brass, which gives it its durability. We proudly hand-finish and lacquer our timepieces after assembly for true authenticity, and also offer custom engraving services for select timepieces.

      Antique Brass Clock Restoration and Repair Services

      For a more modern clock that doesn't require as much maintenance, you might consider one of our extremely reliable brass battery-powered quartz movement clocks. Whichever brass clock you choose, our master clockmakers are committed to offering the finest clocks available. However, should your clock somehow get damaged, or if you own an antique brass clock that's in need of repair, our clockmakers offer world-class repair and restoration services.

      Please contact our customer service team during business hours on Monday through Friday for expert assistance finding a brass clock or discussing your brass clock restoration needs. We look forward to assisting you.