Add Chelsea Clock barometers to your home or boat, and you'll know exactly what sort of weather is brewing. The barometer has been used for centuries by meteorologists and sailors around the world to forecast short-term weather changes. By monitoring the atmospheric pressure and the direction it's moving, you can predict the coming weather with strong accuracy. Even in the modern age, these effective nautical tools are a trusted method of tracking pressure systems to ensure a smooth voyage.

      Chelsea Clock handcrafts a variety of upscale barometers as companion pieces to our nautical clocks. They are used in hundreds of U.S. Navy vessels and commercial cargo ships, and when you own one, you can enjoy the same luxury style and accurate barometric pressure measurements. All of our instruments are aneroid barometers that operate using a flexible metal box, mechanical levers and face dial. Before making your purchase, visit the Chelsea Clock blog for a variety of resource articles about barometers, including How to Set a Barometer.

      Handcrafted Luxury Barometers

      Master nautical instrument makers put the finest craftsmanship and care into our leading selection of barometers. Pair one of our signature Ship's Bell clocks with a matching barometer so you can track when weather fronts will arrive. You can order both of them mounted to the same base, too. Even by itself, a Chelsea 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Barometer in Brass on a Traditional Base is an elegant way to monitor the weather. If you prefer a more modern design, carbon fiber barometers have a sleek look whether in a brass or nickel-plated finish.

      Most barometers for sale are made of solid hand-forged brass that is elegant and durable. A nickel-plated barometer improves resistance to saltwater corrosion with a modern shine. We also have Patriot barometers that are inspired by the original 1940s military deck clock we were entrusted to design. Like other instruments based on the classic World War II engine room clock, these nautical barometers from the Patriot Collection have a lightweight resin case that resists heat and saltwater. They're an affordable option for vessels as well as homes with seaside décor.

      Clock and Barometer Sets

      Order a matching nautical clock and barometer is a practical solution for both seafarers and weather enthusiasts. Whether mounted on a traditional wood base or a mahogany wall plaque, these sets convenient keep the information you need in one place. People who are serious about their sea-faring ways should look at the Master Weather Station, which includes a clock, barometer and tide instrument in a singled wall-mounted display.

      Order the most authentic, well-crafted barometers you'll find anywhere by shopping at When you place your order, you can request factory adjustments for reading movements at any altitude up to 5,000 feet above sea level. We also offer custom engraving if you are buying a barometer as a gift or heirloom.

      Barometer Repair Service

      Most of our nautical instruments have a two-year warranty and are built to last a lifetime. Should you encounter a problem with your barometer, contact us about repair and restoration services. The master craftspeople in our shop can complete a Chelsea barometer glass replacement, refinish a worn-out case or do routine maintenance. In addition, you'll receive an additional two-year warranty on all our parts and service.