"Modern Sophistication: Exploring Chelsea Clock's Contemporary Timepiece Designs"

A big reason Chelsea Clock has been America's Premier Clockmaker since 1897 is our ability to adapt to the times while maintaining the sophisticated style we are known for. In addition to our traditional clocks, we have introduced many modern clock designs and given some classic clocks a contemporary makeover, making them appealing to anyone with an eye for luxury.

There are three key ways in which we add modern touches to handcrafted Chelsea clocks: colors, shapes and materials. Let's look at some examples of each.

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Contemporary Clock Colors

For many decades, nearly all our clocks had a brass finish and white dial. However, modern décor puts more emphasis on colors like black and chrome - and we have done the same. Many of our clocks, from the art deco Athena Clock to the timeless Ship's Bell, are now offered with nickel plating for a chrome-like gleam. Other clocks, including the Patriot Deck Clock, are also available with a black dial and white numbers, reversing the traditional layout for a bolder appearance.

To further complement the nickel clock finish, some desk clocks now come with a black or walnut base rather than mahogany. This accentuates the contemporary style, though some prefer the classic mahogany color for transitional or mid-century décor. Finally, timepieces like the Patriot Colors Clock incorporate red and other hues to make your chronometer a vivid focal point.

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Modern Clock Shapes

There was a time when you could get a Chelsea Clock in any shape you wanted as long as it was round. But with clocks like the Athena, the Embassy and the Square Desk Alarm Clock, you can now view them in a new way. Angles and other geometry are big in modern décor, and clocks like this will fit right into a modern living room, office or bedroom.

The mantel clock base is another place where you'll see the difference in styling. Compare our traditional and contemporary base for round brass clocks. While the traditional base has multiple steps and graceful column-like curves, the contemporary base has a block-style bottom with a flat front before curving up to the cradle. We also have stands that are almost completely flat like the Chatham on Black Marble Base.