Antique Clock Restoration

We specialize in restoring Chelsea Clocks as well as many other antique clock brands to their original appearance. Common antique clock restoration needs include refinish work on clock cases, dials, and hands. Here’s a story of a clock and how we restored it for its owner…

CASES: Over the years we have serviced thousands of old cases by removing tarnish and restoring them to their original brilliance. We have seen many of the original plated finishes polished off, but once we disassemble the case we can sometimes find clues that show its original color. We offer an array of finishes such as red brass, copper bronze or chrome to name a few.

During the refinishing process, our metal refinishing specialists first chemically strip off all the old lacquer and any oxidation that has built up over the years. At this time any surface dents/scratches will be addressed. Then the case is hand polished and buffed as we do for our new clocks and finally a new clear lacquer seal is applied. We also offer wood refinishing and restoration services.

In the case of the 8 1/2" Desk Clock and Barometer Set shown below, our technicians performed a complete overhaul on the clock and barometer movements and also refinished the cases, dials, hands and reflectors.

Chelsea Clock Desk Clock and Barometer Set- Before Picture Desk Clock and Barometer Set- Before Picture
Chelsea Clock Desk and Barometer Set - After Picture Desk Clock and Barometer Set - After Picture


DIALS: There are various things that happen to a clock's dial as it ages, including marks from winding and setting or attempts to clean the dial with a polish. Once the lacquer seal has been compromised, which will happen over time due to climate or just the natural aging process, the underlying finish is exposed to the elements which will cause it to deteriorate. Because of Chelsea’s unique dial finishing process, we are able to restore most Chelsea Clock dials to their original state. For these dials, we are able to re-silver the clock face and reflector to give it a brand new look. During this restoration process the raised numerals are removed, and the dial is re-silvered using our proprietary silvering process. Then dial is re-lacquered to protect the delicate silver plating.

HANDS: Sometimes hands can’t just be refinished, they need to be replaced. We reuse all the original parts of the instrument but if a hand is damaged beyond repair we will attempt to either locate the correct hand part or at least a hand from the clocks era if we don’t have originals in stock.

For a free estimate of your antique clock complete a clock repair and restoration service form and ship your clock to our facility. Charges for case, dial, hand, and base refinishing will be quoted separately. All movement service work is warranted for two years.