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Top Ideas for Filling Your Blank Wall at Home

When moving into or redecorating a home, there are certain things each room needs. For example, you know that the living room will need a couch, a coffee table and a chair or two. Pretty much every bedroom calls for a bed, dresser and shelves.

The walls, however, are a wide-open canvas that’s entirely up to the homeowner. The only thing certain is that leaving them barren and boring isn’t an option. Decorating the walls can be one of the most challenging interior design tasks — but also one of the most rewarding. At Chelsea Clock, we know the value of stately aesthetics, and we’ve put together some of our favorite home wall décor ideas to transform any room.

1. Wall Clocks

A home décor wall clock can be a statement centerpiece or an accent to the room’s larger theme. They’re also a functional decoration that keeps you on schedule. Larger clocks work well for energizing rooms while smaller clocks offer a more subdued atmosphere.

2. Light Sconces

This is another piece of functional décor that fills the blank space and also provides high-quality accent lighting. Use them as mood lighting for the room or to call attention to artwork and displays. Hang the sconces next to mirrors if you really want to light up a room.

3. Hanging Wall Maps

A large map of a city, state, country or the world shows that you think beyond the walls of your home. Map collages are another option. You can make them interactive by marking the places you’ve been or plan to visit.

4. Add Unique Storage Options

Every room can use a place to store books, display collectibles or keep supplies. But why install the same shelves everyone else does? Use floating shelves, ledges or built-in shelves and experiment with levels to create something that fits your tastes and opens up more floor space.

5. Oversized Tapestries and Weavings

If you have a smaller room, a large patterned tapestry can command attention and set the tone. Even in larger rooms, these items are perfect behind a sofa or bed. Tapestries add a sense of softness and elegance to space — and they’re much easier than paintings to move or store if you ever decide to redecorate.

6. Mount Your Television

Modern flat-screen televisions can easily be attached to the wall using the right brackets and mounting equipment. This fills up the wall, saves floor space and fosters a modern look. Add LED backlighting to accent the TV and reduce eyestrain.

Apartment with Hanging Pictures

7. Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a large collection you want to display, the wall is a perfect canvas. You can hang clocks, paintings, vintage record albums, plates, tools and much more. Display the entire collection at once or mix things up by switching pieces from time to time.

8. Large Wall Calendars and Whiteboards

This is one of our favorite home office wall décor ideas. (It also works well for kitchens.) An oversized calendar or whiteboard helps you stay organized without rummaging for notebooks. If you prefer a rustic look, go with a chalkboard instead of a whiteboard.