Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor on a Budget

Time- and Nautical-Themed Living Room Décor Ideas on a Budget

If you want to decorate your living room, but you need to adhere to a modest budget, you’ll find plenty of options are available to you. Chelsea Clock can help you add a flourish or two, from wall clocks and mantel clocks to barometers and military-style clocks — to your living spaces. The right timekeeping piece or tide clock can liven up a room, create a nautical theme or highlight different areas that were looked over in the past.

Add Strategic Ambiance to Your Living Spaces

Whether working with a modern-looking room or a traditionally designed space, living room décor on a budget can be given a boost with the right enhancers. The ideal starting point is distinctive-looking, handcrafted clocks, mounted tide clocks and barometers that are strategically placed. The key is choosing the right design and locale for your clock. Pick a spot that draws the eye, where a clock can enhance the allure of the surrounding objects (a sofa, windows, lights, etc.) and act as a conversation piece when you're entertaining company.

For example, if your living room contains several cherished antiques handed down to you, a classic forged brass Cable Paperweight Clock with its gold-plated bezel could add to the overall “vintage” ambiance you’re trying to create. You can enhance this timepiece further with a custom engraving as well, or perhaps choose to personalize a smaller mechanical Ship's Bell Clock with solid brass and nickel finish (on a lovely old-fashioned base). Either Chelsea clock could be just what you need to evoke a classic nautical theme to match your furnishings.

Modern living spaces can benefit from modern pieces, like our affordable, yet exceptionally stylish Mayfair Clock in brass and nickel or an Embassy Clock in Nickel with Roman Dial, both of which can bring a bit of vitality to a table, mantle or ungarnished living room surface.

Grey desk clock

How Clocks Can Enhance Living Room Décor

When looking for simple but effective living room decorating ideas (on a budget), a handcrafted clock or clock and barometer set — whether mounted or placed on a table or mantel — can accomplish a lot. Of course, everyone’s idea of what “on a budget” means differs. But the right clock, coming at under $1000, or under $300, can augment the style of almost any room. A bare wall or naked-looking corner table suddenly comes to life with the right timepiece, augmenting the theme you've chosen for your living room or adding some needed contrasts to an area that is either lackluster in appearance or leaning too hard in a particular aesthetic direction.

Walls that are intentionally rather plain as a backdrop for more colorful furniture can be given a splash of brightness with brass or nickel wall clocks, centered in the wall or slightly offset to catch the eye. Let your sense of good taste be your guide to which choice works best in your space.

The goal, when working out how to decorate a living room on a budget, is to add unique signature touches that say something about you, your general design theme and your individual style and home décor.