How to Use Clocks in Home Decorating

You should feel at home in your home. The best way to do that: Infuse your space with some personality. While home decorating can be a massive undertaking, it’s not necessary to give your entire house a makeover in order to give it new life. A few small changes, like adding a statement piece, adds both visual appeal and helps instill a sense of pride in your home — and decorating your house with clocks is a place to start. With more than 120 years of experience making clocks for the sea and clocks for home decor, Chelsea Clock has a timepiece to complement your aesthetic. When you choose America’s oldest clockmaker for clocks for your home, that statement piece comes with a story. Read on for ideas on how to make that story your own with a Chelsea Clock suited to the style of your home.

Traditional Clocks

Clocks for traditional home decorClocks for traditional home decor
Nothing says traditional like a Ship’s Bell Clock, Chelsea Clock's original design. Available in brass or nickel and with three face sizes — 4 ½ inches, 6 inches, and 8 ½ inches — the Ship’s Bell Clock can be customized to sit handsomely on a mantel or console table or displayed on a bookshelf. Shop the entire Ship's Bell collection.

Modern Clocks

Clocks for modern home decor Clocks for modern home decor
The modern home calls for a clock as bold as you are. The Patriot Colors collection of wall clocks has just the pop of color — be it red, green, navy, black, or white — your modern home needs. Shop the entire Patriot collection.

Eclectic Clocks

Clocks for eclectic home decorClocks for eclectic home decor
Celebrate your own quirkiness with home decor that matches your unique character. Chelsea Clock regularly releases special vintage clocks and antique clocks that we've expertly refurbished. Alternately, make a Chelsea wholly your own with a clock stand that truly speaks to you. Shop clock stands and available vintage and antique clocks.

Urban Clocks

Clocks for urban home decorClocks for urban home decor
City slickers can match the sleekness of their urban life with a clock that shows they mean business. The Carbon Fiber 12 Hour Clock makes a sharp statement, the clock's carbon fiber dial paired dramatically with a nickel body and black base.

Clocks for Beach or Country

Clocks for country home decorClocks for country home decor
Match the lightness you’d like to feel in your beach or country home with a clock that inspires easy living. A Chelsea Clock in nickel, like the Constitution Clock, can elevate your beach or country home by bringing brightness inside, while a cabin might benefit from the warmth of brass. Shop for our entire collection of brass clocks or nickel clocks.