Weather Wizards: add a touch of style to any space with a barometer


For the uninitiated, a barometer is a fancy instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. It's used by pilots, meteorologists, and mariners to predict weather and determine altitude and is often a nice companion piece for a clock. We love them because they're beautiful yet functional---just like our timepieces. Don't own a boat or host the afternoon weather? No problem! Adding a barometer to any space is a great way to add character and classic style.

We think barometers look great on mantels, end tables, night stands, and bookshelves, but we'll let you be the interior designer. Just follow these easy tips for choosing a location that will keep your barometer in tip-top shape.

Avoid heat - Barometers function best when they're kept away from extreme temps, so keeping your barometer away from windows, stoves, and radiators is the first rule of thumb.

Avoid direct sunlight - Places where the temperature changes often are also a no-no. It's best to find a nice, stable, room-temperature spot to keep temperature consistent.

Avoid Moisture - Moisture can also negatively affect your barometer. Keep it away from wet or damp places. If yours is on a boat, place it securely inside a cabin or somewhere it won't be affected by ocean spray---unless of course you purchase one of our weather-resistant styles! Check out our collection of beautiful barometers here to find the one that’s perfect for your space.