The Ship's Bell Certificate of Origin

Chelsea Clock has been building refined, meticulously handcrafted Ship's Bell clocks since 1900. Since that time, we've kept detailed logs about every single Ship's Bell clock ever produced and shipped out. All our Ship's Bell clocks are individually numbered, then registered in our factory logs before we send them to our customers.

The Ship's Bell model numbers are stored in logbooks in our library. Each log entry also includes when the Ship's Bell clock was made and to whom it was sold. If the timepiece in question has ever been sent back to us for repairs, general service or restoration, we added detailed records covering anything our technicians carried out.

This registration and tracking process, which has been in place for well more than a century, is a clear example of how and why Chelsea Clock has been able to guarantee a high and consistent level of quality and professional service for over 120 years. Preserving the history of our luxury antique clocks is an important part of maintaining their status as a treasured timepiece for centuries to come.

Ship's Bell Cerificate of Origin

How to Tell the Age of a Ship's Bell Clock

Chelsea Clocks are cherished heirlooms, often handed down from one generation to the next. Anyone inheriting one of our hand-finished, lacquered clocks will likely want to know a little bit about the clock's history.

This is also true of an antique collector who happens across a Chelsea Clock at auction; the collector will want to determine the clock's age or estimate its value. Anyone offering a Ship's Bell for sale at these auctions may also want to know the clock's history and confirm it is a bona fide Chelsea clock - which will make it more attractive to potential bidders.

Unfortunately for ardent collectors, Chelsea Clock does not provide clock appraisal services. However, we are proud to offer a Certificate of Origin for each and every Ship's Bell clock we've ever produced (which is a lot). This is the one certain option for how to tell the age of a Ship's Bell clock and know about its history. Furthermore, a Certificate of Origin will prove the authenticity of your handcrafted nautical timepiece, making it an even more prized possession.

Ship's Bell Clock History of Ownership

If you would like to discover the age and precise date your clock shipped from our factory, you can purchase a Certificate of Origin for a small fee. Email with a photo (back and front) of your clock, or a description of it, along with the serial number for us to look up in our logbooks. Please also provide your billing/shipping address, phone number and the name you would like printed on the Certificate of Origin. Once we have verified the piece is an authentic Chelsea clock, we will send an order for payment and create the certificate.

All our Ship's Bell Certificates of Origin are embossed with a Chelsea Clock stamp of approval and then hand-signed by Chelsea Clock President and CEO J.K. Nicholas. This official confirmation that your clock is a genuine antique Ship's Bell clock arrives in a luxurious blue protective holder. You also can place the certificate in a standard 8.5-inch-by-11-inch frame to hang on a wall or put in a display case.

Own a Piece of Chelsea Clock History

For clock enthusiasts who appreciate timepieces with a rich nautical heritage, collectors who already own a range of Chelsea clocks or anyone who may have inherited one of our luxury timepieces, there's no reason to guess about the history of their Ship's Bell clock. We can provide all the information we have recorded about the clock while certifying its place in our rich history.

Post a photo and the serial number of your cherished timepiece today to receive your very own Certificate of Origin. If you are purchasing a new Ship's Bell clock, we can also provide an ownership certificate to pass down to future generations. It's one more way we can guarantee your patented Ship's Bell is a genuine instrument from America's Premier Clockmaker.