The Many Places for a Patriot Deck Clock


It’s not uncommon for people to associate Chelsea Clock with nautical clocks and the U.S. Navy, and we’re proud of that. The Patriot Deck Clock is no small part of that history. In fact, it’s inspired by 1940s military clocks Chelsea made for U.S. Navy ships during World War II.

At the time, metals were in short supply and, therefore, Chelsea was challenged to use something other than brass to craft its naval clocks. But the Navy still needed a military-grade clock that could stand up to the rigors of war and life at sea.

Chelsea answered the call with the Patriot Deck Clock, which featured a heavy-duty black resin case. It was water resistant-resistant, could withstand extremes in temperature, and wouldn’t crack or shatter if it fell off the wall. The Patriot Deck Clock was so successful that the Navy still uses a version of it today aboard submarines, destroyers, and other seafaring vessels.

Chelsea Clock continues to make a version of this original WWII clock, with only slight modifications. In addition, Chelsea has added a Radio Room Clock, a barometer and two tide instruments to round out the Patriot Deck Collection. All Patriot pieces offer the same toughness and water-resistance that make them ideal for a wide range of places – indoors and out. If you thought Chelsea clocks were only good for well-appointed living rooms, think again. Here are just a few suggestions of the perfect places for something from the Patriot Deck Collection:

1. Boats and Yachts

True to its heritage, the Patriot Deck clock is built for life at sea. If it’s tough enough for the U.S. Navy, it’s tough enough for your boat. Its water-resistant features stand up to wind, weather and sea spray. And its rugged exterior means you don’t have to worry about it cracking, peeling or corroding.

2. Boathouses

Not only does the Patriot Deck Clock go great on boats, but it’s also perfect for the place you store them. Rugged and water resistant, it’s the perfect way to display time in places you might not want to bring your watch or phone.

3. Beach Houses

The Patriot Deck Time-Tide Clock is the perfect beach house companion, so you always know when it’s the right time to head down to the beach.

4. Patios

You don’t have to live by the ocean to enjoy the advantages of the Patriot Deck Clock. Its rugged, water-resistant features make it ideal for outdoor patios and bars. And its handsome, clean design compliments any outdoor living space.

5. Pool Decks

The Patriot Deck Clock is the perfect clock to keep near your pool, whether indoor or outdoor. Naturally, being poolside means standing up to occasional splashes. And, in that department, the Patriot Deck Clock has you covered.

6. Garages

Garages are for so much more than parking cars. It’s where many of us store tools and set up shop for all those home improvement projects. So it’s essential to have a timepiece like the Patriot Deck Clock that can stand up to lots of wear and tear. Plus, its solid construction and locking bezel keeps dust and dirt out.

7. Campers and Cabins

If the Patriot Deck Clock is tough enough to go to war, it can certainly withstand any camping adventure. It easy mounts inside any camper, cabin or RV – even when space is somewhat limited.

8. Lofts

The Patriot Deck Clock’s vintage, industrial design is perfect for lofts, studios and open spaces. Lofts practically cry out for furnishings that echo their industrial past!

9. Workshops and Studios

The Patriot Deck Clock and Barometer are the perfect companions for artists and craftsmen of any sort. Both mount directly to nearly any wall surface, so they won’t take up any valuable desk or table space. And their durable resin cases and shatter-proof lenses mean dirt, dust and moisture stay out. If you’re looking for a unique, rugged, water-resistant clock, barometer or tide instrument for any of the places in which you live, work or play, take a closer look at the Patriot Deck Collection. URL: