Chime in a New Year: The Best Wall Clocks 2021

Bring in the New Year with the Best Wall Clocks

This last year has been a formidable one. Regardless of how you feel about the year past, a new year can be source of inspiration and hope, uplifting the human spirit. As time marches on, a tasteful handcrafted wall clock can make a superb addition to almost any room, bringing it a renewed sense of life. Whether given as a gift or purchased for the home or office, a wall clock delivers style and practicality in equal measure.

Chelsea Clock — America’s premier clockmaker since 1897 — carries artistically designed mechanical and quartz clocks wall clocks, many with alluring nautical silhouettes that have withstood the test of time.

If searching for the best wall clocks, 2021 could be the year to pick up a bespoke timepiece to accent your favorite rooms — or perhaps add to your growing collection of dignified wall-mounted clocks.

Ship's Bell Clock in Brass

Nautical Wall Clocks

If you or someone in your family is or ever was a mariner or sailor, a nautical wall clock might be the best wall clock you could offer as a gift in 2021 (or any other year you choose). Our elegant Patriot Deck Clock with a black dial adheres to a classic porthole design, with markings for standard and 24-hour military time, and adds stately contrast with white numerals and clock hands. Available with a white dial or in a larger size, this style has several options to suit your space.

Any true seadog out there, whether looking for a timepiece for their yacht, catboat, sloop or perhaps house-bound lounge, will appreciate Chelsea Clock’s Radio Room Clock. With a history behind its colorful pattern, this is a discussion piece as well as a unique clock that can be passed down through the generations. It’s also available with an 8 1/2” dial for those who prefer it.

4 1/2" Brass Ship's Bell Clock Mahogany Wall Plaque

Wall Plaque Clocks

An engravable wall plaque, which serves as both a precision mechanical timepiece and a way to celebrate or commemorate a person or special occasion, might be the right choice when searching for the best wall clocks in 2021, 2022 or beyond.

Our lovely 4 1/2" Brass Ship's Bell Clock Mah o gany Wall Plaque is a graceful work of precision beauty, with German mechanical movement that has been perfected and refined since 1900. With a pedigree like that, plus a customizable solid brass engraving plate, this wall clock will likely become the centerpiece of any room you — or the person your gift one to — choose to mount this sophisticated mahogany plaque.

For admirers of meticulousness mechanical design, as well as the seven seas, the 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock & Barometer — mounted on a mahogany plaque — should satisfy their nautical needs. This set showcases a robust-yet-pleasing chiming silvered-dial clock, plus a mechanically tuned barometer (with a thermometer tube) that can be adjusted for sea level readings, all the way up to a 3,000-foot summit or plateau. Personalize this with a family name or meaningful statement to truly transform this set into an heirloom.

Wall Clock Art

Regardless of if you’re in the market for a smaller wall clock in 2021 to accent a living space or looking for larger nautical clocks to spark conversations, Chelsea Clock is the best wall clock company around. Our collections are able to meet all of your needs.

Let our skilled craftspeople and precision artisans customize a wall clock for you today.