Are chiming mantel clocks worth the price?

When it comes to clocks, nothing is more iconic than a clock with a tubular chime. First integrated into home clocks in the 1750s, chiming clocks grew in popularity over time until they became some of the most beloved clocks in the world. These include chiming mantel clocks, which feature beautiful chimes for people to enjoy, yet are small enough to fit on a mantel or shelf.

There are many reasons to love chiming mantel clocks, but one aspect keeps many people from adding these lovely clocks to their homes: they are wary of the potential cost. Are chiming mantel clocks worth the price? We think so! Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a chiming mantel clock to your home or giving one as a gift.

Reason #1: Chiming mantel clocks are made to last.

With each passing year, it's harder to find furniture and décor that will stand the test of time. Despite all the advances in manufacturing and technology, nothing seems to last for more than a few years anymore. Worse still, the switch to digital has resulted in many products and devices being too complicated to repair when something breaks down, forcing you to buy a replacement instead.

Chiming mantel clocks from revered clockmakers and clock manufacturers like Chelsea Clock are made to last. When you buy a chiming Chelsea mantel clock, you're buying a clock you can rely on for years to come - an heirloom that you can pass down to the next generation. And if your clock does require maintenance or repair services, Chelsea Clock can perform them for you.

Reason #2: Chiming mantel clocks have a timeless style.

Decorating a room can be difficult. What's in fashion changes so quickly, it often feels like something trendy you just bought is no longer in vogue after just a few weeks. Tastes vary from person to person as well, making it difficult to design a room that will impress or feel inviting to a variety of people. Luckily, the classic design of a traditional chiming clock never goes out of style. Your clock will be an investment piece that will look stately and distinguished for years to come - not like a trendy décor piece that will soon need to be replaced.

Reason #3: Chiming mantel clocks sound terrific.

There's a reason why vinyl records have regained popularity over the past few years: People long for authentic and natural sounds instead of the diluted recordings of digital audio players. Chiming mantel clocks feature traditional bell chimes that fill the air with their charming, familiar sound. Music soothes the soul, and we certainly find that to be true of chiming mantel clocks. Chiming clocks serve a practical purpose as well: mariners used a unique bell code to tell time for hundreds of years. That legacy lives on in our classic Ship's Bell clocks



Chiming Mantel Clocks at Chelsea Clock

Since its founding in 1897, Chelsea Clock has expanded to become one of the oldest, largest and most well-respected American clock manufacturers. Are you looking to add a chiming mantel clock to your home or office? You'll find a wide variety of gorgeous mantel clocks when you browse our inventory. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect mantel clock for you.