Business Gift Giving: Retirements, Promotions, Client Gifts, and More

Business gift giving is an important element in establishing a constructive corporate culture. Expressing gratitude with a token of appreciation shows your employees that their time and work is valued and may even help encourage positive work performance over time. However, there are many different types of business gifts — gifts for employees, gifts for clients — which can make choosing business gifts for special events seem daunting. Remember, you’ll want to select something that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical, something that genuinely serves your employee or client and that they will use time and again.

Giving clocks as business gifts is a sophisticated way to show appreciation for your employees and clients for that very reason. There are a number of occasions you may want to consider a Chelsea Clock for:

Retirement Gifts

Flag Clock and Barometer Set Clocks for retirement gifts

After several years or even decades of service, your employee deserves a classy send off. Clocks for retirement gifts are an ideal way to say thank you and best of luck. Chelsea Clock offers a range of clocks for retirement gifts, including the Flag Clock and Barometer Set and engraved desk clocks. See all our clocks for retirement gifts.

Promotion Gifts

Clocks for promotion gifts Clocks for promotion gifts

With your employee’s new job title comes greater responsibilities — help them navigate the waters of their promotion with a functional thank-you gift, such as the Dartmouth Clock. 

New Hire Gifts

Clocks for new hires Clocks for new hires

Inspire team spirit with an elegant welcome gift for your new hire. The Chart Weight Clock in nickel or brass and the Square Desk Alarm Clock in nickel or brass make excellent additions to a new office. Don’t forget to customize your clock by engraving a welcome note! See all our clocks for welcome gifts.

Work Anniversary or Milestone Gifts

Clocks for business awards Clocks for business award gifts

Commemorate your employee’s dedication to the company with a service award gift to celebrate a work anniversary or milestone. Rewarding top performing employees with a Chelsea Clock, such as the Presidential Clock, helps motivate the entire team. See all our business award gifts.

Personal or Special Event Gifts

Clocks for special events Clocks for special events

Is one of your valuable team members tying the knot or welcoming a new member to the family? Show support professionally with a Chelsea Clock as an employee gift. The Ship’s Bell Clock in nickel or brass is ideal for celebrating special events in a unique way. Shop our entire Ship's Bell Clock collection.

Client Gifts

Clocks for client gifts Clocks for client gifts

Employee gifts are not the only business gift giving to consider. Long-term or new and important business relationships warrant client gifts. It's a great way to not only show your clients that you appreciate their business but also to help distinguish you from a potentially competitive playing field and foster positive business engagements in the future. Choose a gift to match the message you'd like to send. For instance, the Boardroom Clock sits in a handsome, solid wood case with a square brass plate under the lid that's perfect for a personalized client message.

Want to see more? Shop all of of Chelsea Clock’s business gifts and customization options (like engraved gifts)— but before giving, make sure to brush up on your company’s business gift giving policies, or read more about business gift giving etiquette.