Top Celebrity Gifts - Chelsea Clocks

What do Dwight Eisenhower, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Aristotle Onasis, James Taylor, John Wayne and Deval Patrick have in common? They all received Chelsea Clocks as gifts, and some then gave Chelsea Clocks as gifts in turn. Elvis loved our clocks so much, he purchased 100 as ideal Christmas presents.

Our most recent clock gift recipients were President George Bush and Elton John.

President Barack Obama has purchased our fine clocks as gifts for foreign dignitaries in his travels for international relations.

Governor Patrick at the State House with Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock on the mantel


Here are some of the models of clocks notable owners have received over the years…

Claremont: John F Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower
Mariner: Leonid Breshnev
US Navy Pilot House Clock: Richard Nixon
Tambour: Harry Truman, Winston Churchill
Vanderbilt: Margaret Truman
Admiral: Douglas MacArthur
Dartmouth: George H W Bush
Clock & Barometer: Bob Hope, Gerald Ford, Aristotle Onasis, Ronald Reagan
Ship’s Bell: Elvis Presley, Mitt Romney, Deval Patrick

George W Bush with Chelsea Clock George H.W. Bush with his Dartmouth Chelsea Clock

Some other notable owners of Chelsea Clocks…

Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown, David Letterman, Condoleezza Rice, Senator Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Bing Crosby, The Grateful Dead, Billy Joel, Rocky Marciano, James Taylor, John Wayne, Janet Reno, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover

Chelsea Clock owners have always been leaders and visionaries – some in world politics, and some in their own backyard communities. Do you know someone deserving of a Chelsea Clock? If so, send us their story!