Send Us Your Clock for a Complimentary Estimate

If you would like to ship or drop off your clock for a repair and restoration service estimate, please complete the Repair Request form below and click “Submit.” This will generate a printable copy of the form. Print two copies; one to include with your clock and one for your records. Directions on how to ship or drop off your clock will appear on the printed form. Thank you!

NOTE: Luminous-Dial Vintage Clocks
Chelsea Clock cannot accept shipments of clocks that contain radio-luminescent paints or similar chemicals. These substances can be found in some vintage clocks. If you suspect your clock may contain these substances, please do not send them to Chelsea Clock. You may call Chelsea Repair & Restoration for more information.

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Questions About Repair and Restoration Services Before Sending Us Your Clock?

If so, please send us an email and/or upload photos of your clock to get more information from one of our experts. Contact Us >
You can also call us at 1-800-284-1778.