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Tips on Business Gift-Giving

Extending gifts to associates, clients and colleagues is common practice in today’s world of business. Yet choosing a fitting gift can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a business gift:

Gifts to Employees and Colleagues

  • Right Time, Right Gift – There are many reasons and occasions for gifting employees and co-workers – from welcoming new hires and recognizing performance to commemorating years of service. Be sure the perceived and actual value of the gift reflects both the organization’s appreciation and the recipient’s level of achievement.
  • Present Perfect – Packaging is major part of the gift. It should look polished and professional. And a hand-signed note should always accompany the gift.
  • Time Matters – When considering gifts for occasions such as retirements, promotions and service awards, be sure to select a gift based upon the individual’s length of service and seniority.
  • Company Spirit – Customizing a gift with the company’s logo is an ideal way to create a strong, lasting connection to the organization and to remind the recipient of professional achievements during his or her tenure.

Gifts to Clients and Business Associates

  • Check First – Some organizations have policies about the types of gifts, if any, employees may receive. Some set limits on gift values. If you have any doubt, ask your clients or check with their human resources department.
  • Double Check – Be sure to confirm spellings on all recipients’ names and company names.
  • Brand Wisely – Make sure gifts featuring your company’s logo reflect your organization’s brand and “personality.” Gifts should be well made, tasteful and display-worthy.
  • Be Respectful – Be mindful of religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Don’t give anything that may be considered inappropriate or too personal.
  • Get Personal – A personal, hand-signed note should always accompany the gift.

Keep the goal in mind: the purpose of gift-giving is to show gratitude and appreciation to those who support you and your organization.