This Day in History: World War II Monument Opens in Washington, D.C.

ON APRIL 29, 2004, the National World War II Memorial opened in D.C. to thousands of spectators to honor the 16 million American men and women who served in the war. The two large fountains between arches symbolize conflicts in both Europe and the Far East, while the semi-circle of pillars flanking the arches represents the states and territories. One gold star for every hundred Americans killed adorns the curved wall beyond the pool and a stone inscription proclaims:
“Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the eighteenth century father and the other the nineteenth century preserver of our nation, we honor those twentieth century Americans who took up the struggle during the second world war and made the sacrifices to perpetuate the gift our forefathers entrusted to us, a nation conceived in liberty and justice.”

At Chelsea Clock we commemorate all who've served with an array of handsome timepieces featuring official U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps insignias. Many people, over the years, have chosen to add beautifully touching, engraved sentiments, not unlike the one above. It is, and continues to be, an honor for us to aid in the celebration of America's brave service men and women.