Best College Graduation Gifts to Personalize

Top Personalized Gifts for College Graduates

It is tradition for college graduates to receive a gift worthy of their accomplishments. A college graduate deserves a refined gift that will stand the test of time and showcase their achievement for years to come. Discover college graduation gift ideas of this caliber in the selection of engravable gifts and other stately timepieces at Chelsea Clock.

Give the Gift of Time

A Chelsea Clock is always the right choice when looking for a thoughtful and personalized graduation gift. Our elegant timepieces will remind the recipient of the dedication and discipline required to graduate, as well as your consideration in gifting it to them.

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clocks are known for their luxury and elegance. These stunning clocks can also be personalized with many customizations, such as word engraving, logo engraving and screen printing.

Giving the gift of time to the special college graduate is a reminder both of that their journey is only just beginning and that they will need to use their time wisely now more than ever. The Ship's Bell is always recommended as one of the highest quality gifts that a person can receive, but if the customer is looking for an affordable yet quality clock, the Presidential Clock in brass is also a wonderful option.

Clock Customization

Harvard Ship's Bell Clock
Harvard Ship's Bell Clock


Certain Chelsea Clocks are currently licensed by prestigious schools, such as Harvard and MIT, to create beautiful custom pieces that highlight the academic excellence behind their graduates’ career paths. 

Additionally, Chelsea Clock customers have the ability to personalize many of the clocks we offer, from the Ship's Bell collection to the Limited Edition collection. The majority of Chelsea Clock customers end up customizing their clocks. With the ability to engrave a heartfelt message, you can give a present that will inspire your college graduate to greatness throughout their career.

Those looking for personalized college graduation gifts can also utilize our screen printing options, which allow the customer to print any college logo with color directly onto the dial.

The Ship's Bell and More

Ship's Bell Clock


The Ship's Bell is the gold standard of Chelsea Clocks. With dozens of options to choose from, these luxurious clocks provide an aesthetic to match and even define any room.

Giving the Ship's Bell clock as a gift is quite the honor, as they have been produced for members of the U.S. Navy, government and even the White House. In fact, a Chelsea clock has been owned by every President since Harry S. Truman. Due to their durability, Ship's Bell clocks can be passed down as an heirloom for generations to come.

Another coveted timepiece selection is the Nautical Clocks collection. This sophisticated collection includes clocks made of brass and phenolic, both of which are quite durable. More specifically, the 4 1/2" Carbon Fiber Clock and Barometer Set in Nickel on Double Base is highly prized due to the fact that it is paired with a barometer.

Fortunately, most Chelsea Clocks are currently on sale until May 10 during the Spring Fling Sale. Customers will be accommodated with 20% off of all Ship's Bells in addition to free shipping. Now is the perfect time to give the best college graduation gifts possible at a reduced price.