6 Ways to Revamp Your Work Space

The simplest changes or finishing touches can transform a drab workspace into an exciting new hub of creativity. The key is finding a balance between visually pleasing and functional, while warding off unnecessary distractions. Here you'll find our suggestions for adding polish and kicking clutter in any workspace, whether a home office, a cubicle, or a top-floor suite with a view. office-redo

1. Say Goodbye to That Office-Warehouse Chair

You know the one, it's on tricycle wheels and looks like it belongs more to a UFO cockpit than a carefully curated living space. Fear not. There are plenty of functional, affordable options out there that won't make your bum (or your eyes) well, sore.

2. Make Your Walls Work For You

Why shouldn't your walls pull their own weight? Use the space to surround yourself with motivators and meaningful mementos like your acceptance letter to grad school, your daughter's first report card, or photographs of inspirational figures who'll remind you that we've all got something special.

3. Sort Your Mail

We've all seen it before: the ambiguous pile of envelopes, some opened, crumpled, contents scattered across the desk, others sealed and so old we're afraid of what's inside. A simple storage device with labels like "Bills to pay," "Coupons," "Outgoing," or "Reply by End of Day" will help you make sense of which pieces need immediate attention and which should go straight to the trash--leaving your desk cleaner, and you less stressed by the ever encroaching junk pile sneaking closer and closer to your computer. (We love this DIY version from Vintage News Junkie.)

4. Utilize Your Corners

An L-shaped desk or tabletop offers a designated space for your computer with plenty of extra surface area for a printer, scanner, and other supplies.

5. Shine a Light

Throw out that old hinged desk lamp you've been using since college and upgrade to one of these modern beauties from Design Within Reach.

6. Get Green

Succulents make great office pets and require minimal effort (think a shotglass full of water every three to five days).

photo by Mokkie

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