How to Start a Clock Collection

Thinking about starting or expanding a clock collection? Consider these prompts to help you get started.

Where do your interests lie?
Regardless of what you're collecting, there are bound to be variations in what's available. Within our brand we offer vintage military clocks; large luxe mantel clocks, chart-weight desktop timepieces, marine items, and much more. If you're considering collecting Chelseas, think about which brand aspects appeal to you. Do you love history? Are you interested in the maritime industry? A military buff? Or do you simply aspire to style your mantel like U.S. Presidents have done for a more than a century? These factors can help you figure out where to start.

How will you display your collection?
Many people choose to display their Chelseas on mantels, desktops, shelves, and book cases. Some of our most avid fans even have entire cabinets devoted to their timepieces. Have a plan in place for where you will house them before you start stockpiling.

Identify your decorating style.
Some of our models encompass classic elegance, while others are downright nautical. We've got everything from art-deco inspired clocks to chrome-and-fiber-glass barometers. Think about which styles complement your home and start there.

Do your homework.
Many of our clocks have different capabilities. Some are mechanical -- will keep perfect time for decades -- and need to be wound regularly. Some chime or strike on the hour, and some double as desktop paperweights. Think about the different uses of each piece and choose those that will bring both style and functionality to your life.