"Special Grand” Makes Special Appearance in House of Cards!


If you’ve spent the last couple of weeks binging on the critically acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards, you’re probably not alone. Much of the TV-watching world has been glued to the political machinations of Frank and Claire Underwood as they attempt to worm their way into the Oval Office.

Here at Chelsea Clock we’re big fans of the series, too - and not just because it’s great television. The show recently featured a Chelsea.

In the very first episode Frank is confirmed as Vice President, and the main action of the series moves from the Capital to the West Wing. One of the timepieces gracing the interior of this fictional White House is a special Chelsea Clock.

Here’s the trailer for season two. See if you can spot the Chelsea Clock:

We’ll give you a hint. It’s on the mantel right behind Frank Underwood when Kevin Spacey’s name appears on screen.

The clock in the background is a “Special Grand” Ship’s Bell clock. It features an 8.5” Ship’s Bell clock on a traditional mahogany wood base.The hand-silvered dial boasts raised numerals and a decorative filigree center – both gold-plated.

29011 Special Grand 8.5 inch on Base Low Res

While this particular clock has been retired, Chelsea still makes a wide assortment of handsome mantel clocks designed to make you feel, well, presidential.

Photo via Zennie Abraham on Flickr.