Yacht Interior Design Tips 2021: Ship’s Clocks

When it comes to yacht interior design, boat owners need to balance limited space (even on luxury vessels) with functionality while creating an appropriate design aesthetic that matches the décor of the rest of the yacht.

US Navy Boardroom Clock in Brass
Yacht Décor: US Navy Boardroom Clock in Brass

Enhance Existing Yacht Décor

When you're furnishing the interior of a boat — whether you're contemplating a Ship’s Bell Clock, a piece from Chelsea Clock’s nautical clocks collection or a U.S. Navy Boardroom Clock in Brass — the goal is to add a graceful note of style. This stately aesthetic should enhance the overall interior design scheme of your yacht.

For example, if your yacht-based fittings feature a decent amount of polished nickel accents or finishes, our solid brass 6" Ship's Bell Clock in Nickel, boasting a German quartz movement and a hand-silvered dial, could be a fantastic choice for your boat. The same could be said for our double-base 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Nickel with a precision mechanical atmospheric barometer that announces weather conditions from “stormy” to “very dry.” Resting atop a stained wood desk or cabinet, our Bell Clock and Barometer makes a handsome addition to any area of your yacht.

Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Brass
Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Brass


If brass or bronze — from pillar cleats and deck hardware to nautical lamps and furniture — tends to be your onboard adornment theme, our 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Brass double base) or our handsome lacquered 6" Ship's Bell Barometer in Brass (featuring a holosteric movement that mechanically measures changes in atmospheric pressure) would likely be a better décor choice.

By way of explanation, an aneroid or holostericbarometer gauges atmospheric pressure mechanically, without employing any fluids. As such, it functions inside a yacht with a high degree of accuracy.

Harmony, Contrast and Individual Style

While you should take note of the existing décor inside your pleasure vessel, design harmony can often be enhanced with a nautical or Ship’s Bell Clock that adds a bit of contrast.

If your boat has a lot of teak decking, teak accents or furnishings, a color that offsets the wood-colored theme can bring a sense of balance to your yacht’s interior design. In this case, our black phenolic WWII navy-era Patriot Deck Clock - 6" Black Dial (with white hands and Arabic numerals) or our 4 1/2" Ship's Bell Clock and Barometer in Nickel (mounted on a black double base) can offer a tasteful contrast to all that teak.

To reiterate, while paying attention to the limited space of a sailing or motor-powered vessel, the right interior design accents can increase the stylistic charm of your yacht. The addition of a handcrafted Ship’s Bell Clock, Navy clock or barometer will likely bring an extra layer of decorative elegance to your boat.

With well over a century of experience building maritime chronometers and nautical instruments, Chelsea Clock offers only the best when it comes to your yacht’s interior design. Our rugged-yet-sophisticated timepieces are designed for life out on the open water.