Voyager Collection Clocks for the Sea

“Voyage: (n) 1. a journey, travel, or passage, esp one to a distant land or by sea or air.”

There are times when limitations overpower or inhibit change. Then there are those wondrous instances where certain restrictions only serve to motivate us more to push beyond what’s easy or expected, often leading to exciting new solutions. Such is the case with our Voyager Collection of clocks and barometers. Through the years, many of our customers have expressed their frustrations with outfitting their boats when cabin or dash space is limited. We, in turn, accepted this challenge and set to work on adapting our products to best meet their needs. The result: a new collection that offers the same exceptional quality and performance for which Chelsea Clock is world renowned, but in a more compact size and format.

Chelsea Voyager Clock

The intensity, commitment and challenge of voyaging naturally leans toward no-frills, no distractions and no fuss — just man conquering wind and sea. Those same requirements are what lead us to create a nautical line, with a total focus on a mariner's duties, attainable for any Chelsea Clock admirer. The Voyager Brass Nautical Clocks and Barometers place practice over theory, function over form, voyaging over cruising. Performance is paramount. Made for use in the tight space of a captain's quarters, we crafted the nautical clocks for easy accessibility, agility to fit in various spaces, and with minimal upkeep.

With pronounced clarity and simplistic contemporary style, the austerity of the design is in it's adherence to necessity. Compact, clean yet still a figure of Chelsea Clock's tradition of excellence. Matte-finished forged brass, beveled glass, and a clear noble face prove the pieces to be reliable instruments for any travel on the sea.

The Voyager Clock and Barometer Set on a Mahogany Plaque blends in with the wooden panels that line a vessels quarters, and it's solid properties attribute to its high-resistance to deterioration which is why it has been a cornerstone in boat construction. Those details that represent the seafarers environment make these ideal nautical gifts to grace staterooms, cabins, quarters and the rooms of your life.