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Top Nautical Gift Ideas for Summer 2024

Once warm weather rolls around, we know many people can't wait to head for the nearest ocean, lake or river. If you have a friend or family member who lives for the sea, make their summer even more memorable with these nautical-themed gift suggestions. You might even treat yourself, too. The Chelsea Clock nautical gift guide has ideas for every sailor's budget to make 2024 the best summer yet.

Clocks with Brass Casings and Hand-Silvered Dials
Clocks with Brass Casings and Hand-Silvered Dials


Maritime Clocks

Every boat needs at least one good clock that can stand up to water, salt and other hazards of the sea. Chelsea nautical clocks are built for coastal conditions while also offering classic mariner style. From our WWII engine room-inspired Patriot wall clocks to elegant desk and mantel clocks, there's a timepiece right for your vessel. Even if you're hundreds of miles from the sea, they'll bring an oceanside aesthetic to your home or office.

Nautical Barometers and Tide Clocks

A Chelsea Clock barometer will let you know when the weather is good for sailing and when to take cover. Tide instruments are a must for knowing if the tide is in or out for space on the beach and most watersports. Use them to plan a seafaring adventure and know when you might need to change plans. With our master weather station, you can get all the nautical information you need in one place.

Mugs and Glassware

Boats and nautical homes are a place for families to gather. Do so with maritime-themed glassware holding your favorite beverage. Mugs, tumblers, wine glasses and steins are a great gift for boat owners.

Chart Weight Compass in Nickel
Chart Weight Compass in Nickel


A Boat Compass

Even if someone has an advanced boat navigation system or their smartphone, they should keep a compass on hand just in case. A Chelsea Chart Weight Compass will keep boaters pointed in the right direction. It's extraordinarily useful for general exploring or getting re-oriented in unfamiliar waters, all while having a routine use as keeping papers in place while on the water.

Oceanic Home Décor

There are many ways to bring a coastal vibe into someone's home. Give them wall art, signs, accent pillows and figurines that have nautical themes and colors. Go all out with a maritime flag or piece of driftwood that an ocean lover can proudly display as a part of a minimalist theme.

Oceanic Home Décor
Oceanic Home Décor



A nautical doormat is a great way to welcome guests. Mats made of fishing rope most resemble those found on historic vessels. They're incredibly weather-resistant and can be reversed if needed.

Inflatable Watercraft

Blow-up watercraft are growing in popularity for those who like getting on the water but don't have the space to store a full-size vessel at home. There are inflatable kayaks, pontoons, fishing rafts and even yachts. Use a pump to fill them with air and then enjoy the day.

Shop at Chelsea Clock for an assortment of nautical gifts to surprise family, friends and co-workers. Our maritime clocks and instruments are handcrafted in the U.S. by master clockmakers. Whether as a boat accessory, room accent or showpiece, they're sure to impress the recipient. We can personalize several of our chronometers by adding engraved or screen-printed names, dates and messages. We've been America's premier clockmaker since 1897 by producing timepieces that last for generations of recreational sailors.