The Best Gifts for Husbands on Valentine's Day

Cupid, with his bow and quiver, hits his mark with precision when he wants to foster love. And just like this mischievous little cherub archer, who takes pride in his aim, Chelsea Clock’s skilled artisans take great pride in the custom-made timepieces we build for our customers. This year, hit the gift-giving mark by picking up a clock-themed Valentine's Day gift for your husband (or loves ones) from

Here are a few Valentine's Day gift ideas for your husband to get you started.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands

If the man in your life appreciates a blend of traditional style with a modern design aesthetic, we have plenty of handsome clocks that mix the old with the new. Our 3 1/2” Athena Clock with a black dial or white dial features Art Deco inspiration with elegant, modish style. This is one quartz-movement clock that commands attention on a desk at the office or home — or wherever your partner chooses to place this unique Valentine’s Day gift.

If a larger wall-mounted piece appeals, the finely-tuned mechanical 6" Ship's Bell Clock in Nickel is a stunning gift option that should delight your husband this Valentine's Day. You can opt for a smaller version (4 1/2”) or go bigger (8 1/2”) when it comes to dial sizes. Bells gently ring out, marking traditional four-hour mariner watches, enhancing this clock’s charm and appeal. Any of these three clock styles can be engraved with a sentimental message from the heart, adding a personalized touch to an impressive present.

Patriot Deck Tide-Time Clock with 8 1/2" Dial

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands

If you’d like to gift your husband a nautical-themed clock this year, but he already owns several classic clocks — or perhaps this isn’t the year to splurge — fret not, as Chelsea Clock builds quality timepieces for a variety of budgets.

For people who on the East Coast, the WWII military-style Patriot Deck Tide-Time Clock with 8 1/2" Dial makes for a fine-looking — as well as extremely practical — Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband. Built with hard-wearing phenolic resin, this piece tells the time, along with tidal readings for the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard. This piece should put a smile on the face of any admirer of the ocean and precision instruments, helping them keep a watchful eye on the turbulent seas.

History buffs ought to appreciate our Radio Room Clocks (6" Dial or 8 1/2" Dial), which trace their distinctive designs back to the tragedy of Titanic. After that behemoth sank in the North Atlantic, 24-hour radio watches with two three-minute time slots (marked in red) per hour were developed to create exclusive time windows for emergency communications to be sent out. Green three-minute time slots were also added to listen for distress calls. Our mountable Radio Room Clock — depending on the person you're shopping for — just might be the best gift for a husband on Valentine's Day that you’ll ever find.

Clocks and Nautical Instruments as Valentine’s Gifts

Hopefully, some of these gift suggestions will get you thinking about clocks, barometers and other nautical instruments to give your spouse this Valentine’s Day. And if you miss Cupid’s special day for some reason, these hand-finished, customized timepieces can be bestowed on loved ones for other holidays and significant occasions as well.