St. Barths Bucket Regatta to feature Chelsea Clock Trophies

Participants of St. Barths Bucket Regatta set sail tomorrow, and five lucky winners will be taking home a handsome Chelsea Clock ship's bell trophy prize at the end of the weekend.

The first St. Barths Bucket dates back to 1995 and each year, a portion of each entry fee has been designated for donation to a close-to-home charity or non-profit in St. Barths. This year, the donation will go towards replacement boats for the St. Barths Yacht Club's Children's fleet, of which only 10 of the 17 aging boats are actually in service. The Bucket's contribution will provide 7 new boats to the fleet.

"The SBYC is more of a sailing school than a conventional yacht club," the Bucket said in a statement on their website. "Resources and budgets are more limited than what we expect to find in a 'yacht club.' an island, it is very important for the children to learn to sail as a practical matter. Sailing enhances the children's personal growth and development as they learn to respect each other and the environment."

We have been pleased to be a part of this spectacular event for the past three years as the official trophy sponsor, and this year we're proud yet again to provide five beautiful ship's bell clocks engraved with the new St. Barths Bucket Regatta logo as first place prizes -- plus seven brass chart-weight compasses as thank-you gifts to key supporters.

"The Bucket Regatta stewards and organizers greatly value our relationship with Chelsea Clock," said Event Director Peter Craig. "The beautiful ship's bell clocks have been awarded to delighted Bucket class winners since 2013, and very special trophies that further enhance both the enjoyment of the yacht owners and the prestige of this storied superyacht regatta."

Please join us in wishing best of luck to all participants of this special event!