So Long, Summer: 10 Fun Ways to Say Farewell!

Though many of us hate to see the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end, it's inevitable. But rather than whine and pine for more, we decided to check out Farmer's Almanac for suggestions on how best to prolong the season while saying proper goodbyes:

1. Visit the beach one last time. The sun feels so wonderful even on a chilly day and you’ll probably get a good parking spot.

2. Eat watermelon and ice cream. (Next will be pumpkins and apple pie.)

3. Get ready for shorter days. Daylight Saving Time officially ends on November 4, 2018, but as you may have noticed, the sun is setting earlier these days.

4. Pick the last of your flowers before a hard frost.

5. Take that bike ride or hike you’ve been talking about all summer.

6. Swim – if it’s not too cold, of course — before you have to pack away the bathing suits.

7. Light up the BBQ grill before it gets too chilly.

8. Keep the pool open as long as possible.

9. Do some yoga or exercises to get into shape for all the raking that will take place in a few months.

10. Organize your vacation photos that have been sitting on your phone or computer.

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? What would you add to the list? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

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