President George H.W. Bush to Perform Super Bowl Coin Toss (#iSpyaChelsea)

Just days after leaving the hospital, President George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, agreed to perform the coin toss at the Super Bowl 51 in Houston this weekend. The Texas-based former first couple were invited to do so by the National Football League, and on Wednesday, commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed their participation.

The same day, President Bush tweeted a GIF to let fans know he was getting excited for the big day. There on his desk, next to a portrait of the handsome couple is a Chelsea Chatham clock! Every American president since Woodrow Wilson has owned a Chelsea and/or given one as a gift, and we're thrilled to see President Bush's proudly on display.

Do you have a Chelsea clock in your home or office? Share your photos with us and President Bush on Twitter and use hashtags #iSpyaChelsea #mychelseaclock #superbowl.