Patriot Deck Clock: A Fair- and Foul-Weather Friend

Chelsea Clock Patriot Deck Clock

Looking for a tough, versatile precision clock that’s as at-home on the boat as it is on a pool-side patio? Look no farther than the Patriot Deck Clock. This authentic military-style clock offers high durability and low maintenance, making it the perfect choice for any setting - indoors or out.

Made to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. Government for installation on US Navy ships and a range of military vessels, the Patriot Deck Clock is a reproduction of the mechanical Deck Clock originally produced by Chelsea Clock in the 1940s. This clock’s high-impact, black molded resin case is shatter-proof and resistant to water and corrosion, so it can withstand the elements and changes in temperature. And the hinged bezel swings open for quick time adjustments and battery changes, and securely locks out dust and moisture thanks to a brass lug closure and rubber O-ring seal. Plus, its precision quartz movement offers accurate timekeeping and simple, maintenance-free care.

The Patriot Deck Clock comes with either a black or white dial, and displays both 12-hour and 24-hour military time, making it easy to read time at a glance, near or far. Weighting a mere 1.5 pounds, this versatile, lightweight timepiece mounts almost anywhere in minutes with included matching hardware.

Created specifically to weather the harsh realities of life at sea, the Patriot Deck Clock is a reliable addition to any size boat, as well as the perfect timepiece for outdoor patios, decks, campers, garages and more.